my favorite lbry moments

Hello and welcome to this test. I don’t know how long this page will stay up but if it is gone one day, it is gone.

Anyway I am actually testing some stuff on request of the lbry team Embeds just got better and I volunteered to test, Ur I mean brake it. Lol!

So here are some of my videos and content for you to enjoy. I will not embed anyone else with out express written permission as I don’t believe in doing otherwise.

what is lbry?

Think of a library with videos, books, digital content on any subject including rants, raves, and music. LBRY is the library of content freedom. If you want to check out some of my channels go to my main lbry or my music library or my podcast or even my journey into blind flight simming. there’s more. Some have video game content, and the cool thing is, you get paid to watch videos and publish them too. It’s called tipping. Here’s one of my invite links

Ok, on with the show.

here is a streets of rage play-through done by a blind video gamer.

here is a flight I’m proud of.

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