shadow tech: when blind

I know that the title of the page is a bit odd so let me explain. For those who are new to the shadow experience, it is a gaming pc at a data center. Think of this as being a linux machine you control from your home, except in the case of a blind person, you hear speech. You are also not working from an sSH prompt.

The company has ben around for I would say about 2 years, but I heard about them recently when I needed a gaming pc as mine needs fixing, plus I can play anywhere: iOs, mac, windows, android, etc. If you want to try out shadow go to [their website and use the promo code “SARPQORZ” with out the quotes, to get up to 15 dollars off of your subscription. (disclaimer: I do get a bit off of my subscription as well) but what’s to lose.

Ok ok ok, so how will this work for a blind person? I’m still learning how all of this works, but I’m very happy with support, as they answer me in about 2-3 hours. It is not everywhere, one day I’m sure it will be. Below is the series I will be putting together as I learn more. You can see the videos. The audio will be up on the podcast feed in due time. You can follow my lbry or if you want to try it out go to this page, and possibly sync with your youtube found at the bottom of that page.


The descriptions look like they are not complete. But I will update this page with my experience over the next year or so. So with out further discussion, let’s go.

First, I start by discussing setup to the best of my ability. Here is that video. Notice the unlabeled buttons. They are pretty easy to discern, however I did contact support about all of this. They are at the time of this publishing going to look into some of the changes I suggested..

Next is a video that shows me using the shadow, getting some adjusting done, talking about some of the cons, and showing some accessibility changes that need to be made.

Here, we install an add on for my flight sim, install jarte, a really neat text editor, and attempt to troubleshoot why my stuff in prepared is not going into the prepared files in my documents folder on my d drive.

We next set up from scratch after having a doozy of a time with an update that broke completely. I was trying to use the beta builds, and it didn’t go well. I could not even down grade. Support helped me though, and they really rock.

We then set up a nicel little took called [stkp]( This si a tool that also me to track flights and a lot more.

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