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Hello to all. I hope you enjoy this podcast. Following are some links to get you started. If you missed the same links in the nav bar here is an explanation of what they do.

about the podcast

The podcast started in 2006 with a question and a challenge to the listeners. and took off from there. Click here to hear the first episode of tffp. All 7 years are now up on the podcast. Note that their won’t be any show notes starting from 2009 back. This is due to out of date software that was reviewed, a lack of memory on the podcaster’s part, and dead links that might crop up on the internet.


Subscribing to the podcast is easy. Click the following link or copy the link http://feeds.feedburner.com/tffp in to your pod catcher of choice.

an interactive way to talk to tffp

We now have a zello channel. Search the ios app store for zello or go to their website to download the zello app for pc. Then search for the channel called “Tffp podcast.” (No quotes in the search please). There is no password but please keep it clean and don’t flame or abuse anyone on there. If i find out that this has been going on i will either kick the user out and ban them from the channel, or password protect it. There are people of all ages who listen to the podcast so please be careful. Thanks.

Welcome to tffp: the funfilled podcast

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