blog post: a butg that needs to be fixed in pages.

The following is a youtube video I sent to apple regarding this nasty pages bug that I and some others found regarding this almost wonderful piece of software.

This is a bug that seriously needs to be fixed, and fixed in a hurry. Here is how to reproduce if you want to try.

How to reproduce

  • Create a document that spans more then 1 page.
  • Select text from 1 page to another, for example, 2 lines on page one then an additional 2 lines on page 2
  • Notice that the selection you just did on page 1 becomes unhighlighted. This can be verified with vo f6

the problem

This can make selecting text that spans more then 1 page difficult, almost nearly impossible. People can do this with a mouse so why can’t we do this with voice over? The work around is to put a page brake in above the text you want to select. This is counter intuitive in my opinion. If you forget to take the page brake out it will look a bit odd and jumpy when it comes time to print the document out, or turn it in, or what not. Apple really needs to fix this bug. I have emailed apple regarding this; here is their response thus far on March 24, 2014.


Thank you for your email.  We appreciate the feedback and will pass this on to the appropriate people for their consideration. >

this have been their emails to me over the past few years so we’ll see what if anything happens in a minor update. I also encourage you all to maybe call the hot line as well at 877-204-3930 and show them the issue. The more of us that are professionally nice about this and can show them what happens, I think they will be more inclined to fix the issue, and it will help them solve the issue as well..

I want to know what response you get from apple as well regarding this, also leave a review on the mac app store regarding pages and this bug.

Your feedback helps the podcast/blog as well, so please feel free to leave it in the comment area below, and feel free to share this as well.