Looking at the new audio boom website

In this episode I go over how to uploadi using the new audioboom website. I first take you through while a clip is sending then take you throgu to send an actual clip. I go over some practice that might make it easier if you are uploading a series of booms.

Take care.

A look at survey gizmo

In this episode I take a look at a site for creating surveys. It is sort of accessible and there are some work arounds. I wish they would fix some stuff, but one can only hope. I did contact their support and I hope all of you using the survice do the same.

Here is an example of one of the surveys I created on survey gizmo so you can try out an example. Thi s is real so make it count.

Survey link is here.


a look at the qrz website using safari

QRZ website using safari. It is recommended by them to use google chrome, how ever chrome crashes a lot. so safari I have to use. I log a contact and talk about how one might except a QSO if they are to receive a QSO from the QRZ website. Any question and I’ll try and answer them.