looking at twitter for osx

I go over the twitter app for osx. Note that the link looks a bit different. Due to some problems in the app store I could not get the link.

I’m not quite impressed with this app as you will see. Many of the keystrokes in the menu for some reason fail to work, at least with voiceover on. I made sure the keyboard commander was off. Still no go. I like how far it has come but it needs to be as good as, or better then night owl, another client for osx.

Any feedback and or comments can go in the disqus frame.

looking at perascope’s new interface: a tffp stream archive

In this episode I go over the new and not so streamline periscope interface. The app needs a lot of work in my opinion and the interface is too clunky to even be worth using, plus the people viewing your video and making comments are not that friendly or professional in their comments. They want to it seems take you down and keep you at an all time low.

One note. I messed up and said I was using an iphone 6 32 gig. This is not correct. I’m actually at the time of this recording using an iphone 6 64 gig. I apologize for the slip up.

I’m sure perascope will get better, but I probably will keep with meerkat as the devs are better at changing stuff and fixing accessibility issues.

Feedback is more then welcome on the eps.

blog post: an interesting article on twitter jail

I just stumbled across an article about being in twitter jail and i thought I’d share it with you all. I’ve had this happen mainly because I tweeted I think it was 100 times in an hour. Normally, twitter jail lasts for 24 hours, bot fur this particular person whom I’ll link to the blog below this lasted for around 48. She even links to the 30 rules that twitter has, although I’m not sure how many people actually follow said rules as there are probably over a million twitter accounts and counting. So how do you stay out of twitter jail? Read the blog article linked in this post and feel free to comment. Have you ever been in twitter jail and what did you do to get out if it?

Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!: “”

blog post: twitter reducing spam, but wait, there’s a catch!

I do a lot of twittering if that’s even a word. if it is not, well it is now. A recent thing came to light regarding a certain app and twitter. Basically that app can have nothing to do with twitter in the way it sends out messages. That can be good for wearing out spam, how ever I use social oomph to broadcast direct messages to all of my followers which can be a potential spam flag. Not good if all I’m sending out is a happy holidays and have a safe and happy new year, or check out my album, r product or what not. Here is the legaleeze version of this agreement between gtwitter and this company.

Under the terms of the settlement, the owners and employees of TweetAdder agree not to take part in “creating, developing, manufacturing, adapting, modifying, making available, trafficking in, using, disclosing, selling, licensing, distributing (with or without monetary charge), updating, providing costumer support for, or offering for use, sale, license, or distribution (with or without monetary charge), any software or technology designed for use in connection with Twitter’s service.”

so will social oomph’s ability to direct message all followers or a select group also get the ax? I guess time will tell. Here is a link to the full blog post below.

One small step for Twitter, one pretty decent sized leap for spam haters | Techi.com: “”
I hope you enjoy.


blog post: Changes coming in twitter’s api: a good or bad move on twitter’s part?


Recently, as of this morning, December 22, 2012, I found my twitter client yorufukurou acting a bit strangely. It would stay at 150 api calls even though my home and mentions buffer update every minute and my dms every 5. Enter the new api 101 of the twitter API coming in march. Ok. they’ve been around for 3 years and have only gotten up to version 1.1? Anyway the changes look very good on paper, how ever, I guess we will see what happens. Here is the link below.

Changes coming in Version 1.1 of the Twitter API | Twitter Developers: “”


As you can see there are a lot of changes in the blog some of which are a bit odd like 60 api calls? Nota lot when you consider that some of us update manually.

your turn.

What are your thoughts on this change to twitter. Will it look good? What are your thoughts as a developer if you are reading this post. If you are the consumer?