looking at shuttle: a simple but powerful music player for android

We take a look at shuttle, an audio app I found out about in a game I play called zombie’s run. There are some bugs but the app is very easy to use and i can’t wait to try it out later on on a run. Here is a link to the plus version of the app which I reviewed.


If you are listening on the anchor app feel free to call into the show.

Looking at the new audio boo ios update

In this episode I take a look at the new
audio boo iOS app update that came out on april 24, 2014.

I go over trimming and how it can be improved. I follow that up by leavingĀ¬ a comment on a boo and discussing a work around that you need to do as you cannot hear characters echoed back at you or even edit unless you do said work around. I end by discussion with channels and what they are.

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy.