what’s new in the facebook for ios app as of may 27, 2014

I go over the new face book update as of may 27, 2014. I first talk about how to get to your recent posts, then I go over some of the issues. If you want to leave them feedback, feel free to email them, or tweet them.

All feedback is more then welcome regarding this post and others I’ve done.

Gaget insurence: a good thing?

I love my iPhone. I don’t’ own an iPad so there. Heha. Anyways I want to say I also have one thing that most iOS devices owners don’t want to have and that is Gadget Insurance Even though I get mine via apple care plus, there are many sites like the one linked to where you can do this. I should also mention I’m visually impaired and use my iOS device on a daily bases. So insurance for me is a very good thing. If you want to know how I use my phone as a VI person look at my podcast blog for more info. I do several demos therein. Enjoy.