Let’s craft a kingdom

I take a look at crafting kingdom an iOs game which is a fun game to play just to play. It does have some accessibility issues and focus issues with voiceover but the developer is hard at work trying their best to fix the issues. I really am loving the game.

Any comments can go in the disqus frame.

Let’s get adicted withfruit pot: an ios app.

I look at fruit pot, an ios app that will have you adicted in minutes. I’m not the person who will play games like this, but the developers really took the time to make the game accessible. Thanks so much.

Any comments and questions can be left in the discuss frame. Feedback and discussion are welcome.

Sports Rundown – S03E05 – FootFire

AZ and Moosetip return from their fantasy Draft and Week 2 in NFL Adventures.
They discuss the Booms and Busts so far, as well as devastating Injuries and suspensions.
Find out who gets hit with the latest technical Fouls.

lets play blindfold pool

A note to the listener: I messed up on the date. It’s 04-29-2016 not march 29, 2016. Ok, on with the show notes.

I attempt to go over blindfold pool an iOs app. This is yet another game in the series. These guys really do an awesome job. While I’m not good at the game, hopefully you can see a bit of game play. I start by going over the help manual for a bit, then play a few games. My favorite is the one with dave. Lol!

Any feedback can be left in the disqus frame.

looking at true or false quiz battle

In this episode I take a look at true or false quiz battle which is a fun filled iOs game. This was a stream archive. I first show a few games then play against someone live and in person. it was fun. If anyone wants to play me my username is ke7zum

Feedback in the disqus forum is more then welcome. I will be showing this to the dev so comments and questions regarding accessibility are recommended.

01 setting up my iphone 6

I start by setting up my shiny new iPhone 6 64 gig. I have some issues with getting it set up so people on the stream guide me through what to do next. It’s important to note that ipsw’s are carrier specific and band specific as well. You will see what is referred to in the demo.[1]

As shown the process of setting up was fairly simple. In my case how ever I encrypted my back up, so entering in a password was a must.

I hope you enjoy the demo. Part 2 will be going to the store and getting my phone activated.

  1. I was having issues with updating as I could not find the ipsw. I found one, but it was for my sprint iPhone 5. That would have stopped me dead in my tracks and I would have had to download it anyway. So time really was not waisted.


audio defense: using the micro smg and the machine gun, plus showing the empty sound of the machine gun

I have a bit of fun with audio defense in showing 2 weapons someone wanted to know the empty out of amo sound for. Not much more to say, so enjoy. Feedback is welcome, any pointers are also useful. Share them in the disqus flrum below this post.

Looking at trivia crack, part 1 of 2

This is going to be a 2 part podcast on trivia crack a game for ios, android and more. This was an archived stream recorded on January 10, 2015.

I start by :

  • Going over the main interface
  • talkign about the game itself
  • showing the bugs
  • playing a few games

Part 2 will cover a full length game and excepting lives, spins, etc from users.

I hope you all enjoy.

Looking at the soni PCMD100 digital recorder: a podcast done by Neal Eurs

Neal takes a look at the Sony pcmd100 digital recorder. He talks about the layout of the recorder, compares mics and has a surprise and fun mishap that turns out all right in the end.

Neal does several reviews on this podcast so check this one out. You won’t regret it.

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