Looking at the western digital elements 4tb drive

This is an unboxing of the elements 4tb drive by Western DigitalĀ¬

  • I start by going over the contents of the box,
  • get confused on what it looks like,
  • hook it up to my hub,
  • discuss something that annoys me about having this hub,
  • and end by copying some data over.

Feedback is more then welcome.

final look at blind square: a sound skape of a real life use case

I finish this series by taking you through the app once again, but this time with out me explaining what I’m doing and why. I also just for fun include a phone call to brake the monotony of the wait. We also hear from a special guest who decided to pop in. enjoy the discussions, app use, and more.

Feedback is more then welcome. I really enjoy this app, and I hope you will to.

Looking at the new audio boo ios update

In this episode I take a look at the new
audio boo iOS app update that came out on april 24, 2014.

I go over trimming and how it can be improved. I follow that up by leavingĀ¬ a comment on a boo and discussing a work around that you need to do as you cannot hear characters echoed back at you or even edit unless you do said work around. I end by discussion with channels and what they are.

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy.