blog post: an alternative way to submit feedback to apple when you are in the public beta cycle

The following will cover an alternate way of submitting bugs to apple. This ensures a faster reply for us. I should know, I’ve been a beta tester for going on 5 years now, and I’ve done these exact steps.

for all of us public beta testers submitting feedback through the feedback is all good, however there is another way to do this and it’s a lot easier.

#first step: create a free apple dev account
. create an apple developer account. Make sure it is the free one as you don’t want to pay the $99 a year. this will ensure access to the bug report site. You can find out more at [apple’s developer website.](

#report the pesky bugs
When you need to report a bug go to [apple’s bug report site]( and sign in. After signing in with your apple ID and password you signed up with for your free apple developer account, click new in the tool bar. Now click iOs \(osx if you are testing os 10.12\) and fill out the info. This is an accessible way of submitting said reports, and you can upload screenshots and profiles and logs this way.
##submitting screenshots.
To upload a screenshot or movie of the bug if at all possible do the following. Note that recording a movie will not be gone over here as many systems are different.

1. After you record your movie save it to your desktop
2. Fill in the relevant fields in the bug report such as title, description and steps to reproduce. Also don’t forget to include build numbers.
3. In the heading labeled attachments.
4. Next click the upload file button and find your movie. Hit enter on it and the file will begin uploading when you click submit.

That’s it. I’ve ben a beta tester for 6 years and about 95 percent of my bugs get seen and acted on by the apple devs. You will get a response with in 2-3 days rather then wait and hope the feedback got to them.

#thanks and acknowledgments
I’d like to thank one of my fellow beta testers for reminding me of this method in bug reporting during the public betas. You don’t need to spend any money and you have an accessible platform for reporting. By the way the bug reporter in iOs from apple’s [bug reporter site]( is very very accessible via safari on iOs. I’ve had the chance to submit bugs when on the go and update them when I get home from work or school.

Any comments should go to the disqus frame. Anything missing? Let me know.

let’s have trouble wiht south west and google chrome on mac os

I look at southwest’s website using google chrome and mac os 10.11. As you can see there are a ton of issues including badly labeled fields etc. If you want to see the youtube vid there is a frame on this page that should let you play it. Please leave a comment in the disqus frame at the end of the post.

Looking at roger: a wonderful sounding ptt app

I take a look at roger an iOs app. I go over the settings, then have some fun with amazon Alexa. Next, I show how to transmit using two ways and show how to hide notifications and even mute them. I can’t go over everything as there’s a lot to this simple little app. I do recommend you give the developers some love via their twitter.

All comments can go in the disqus frame. I do respond to them in public.

And addendum to audio game hub

I go over the update to [a href=”″audio game hub for iOs />a>
Again. This is a suite of fun time waisting games you can use while waiting for a bus or what not. I love the way these games were designed, and yes high scoring now works. Remember any feedback can go on the disqus form.

google photoes: not so picture perfect

I take a look at google photos back up. This app is not so accessible when it comes to changing settings with voiceover. If you would like to see the youtube video listen here.

Comments are always welcome in terms of feedback. Also feel free to share this with the google access team Hopefully through our efforts they can fix the mac application to work correctly again, if it ever worked at all.

looking at what’s app for mac os: an accessibility epic fail

Note: if you would like to watch the youtube demo, feel free to do so by following the prompts at the bottom of this page.

I go over what’s app for mac os or try to anyway. I could not get the QR code scanned. I fully expected this to be a native app not some app where it needs the phone to be used. I would not mind entering a from my phone into the app, or loging in with facebook.

This to me is a big oversite by what’s app If we could find a way to contact the developers that would be nice. Please leave a comment in the disqus frame with more info. Also please feel free to show what’s app the video . I don’t care for the fact that what’s app made this look like their what’s app web interface. In fact that’s what it says in the title.

Following is a screenshot of said window.

Screenshot of the what's app for web window before the QR code  is scanned. Notice it looks a lot like the what's app web website, not a customised app.

I really hope we can get a customised interface. What if for example you did not have a phone? You could then log on to what’s app for mac or windows via facebook.

Below you will find the video on youtube.

lets play blindfold pool

A note to the listener: I messed up on the date. It’s 04-29-2016 not march 29, 2016. Ok, on with the show notes.

I attempt to go over blindfold pool an iOs app. This is yet another game in the series. These guys really do an awesome job. While I’m not good at the game, hopefully you can see a bit of game play. I start by going over the help manual for a bit, then play a few games. My favorite is the one with dave. Lol!

Any feedback can be left in the disqus frame.

Let’s game on with audio hub

In this short demo I take a look at
audio game hub>/a> An ios gaming platform with several games. Here is their itunes description.

Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users.

Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Any feedback can be left in the comments. I love this series of games and can see myself using this to just waste time.

Let’s race some horses

I should add that before I begin the show notes, I said the name of the app wrong. Look in the show notes for more info about what the app is called. My appoligies to all who tune in.

I go over blindfold horserace another game in the blindfold series. This is a fun filled, fast paced game that is very exciting to play. The developers really did a good job on this game and I encourage you to try it out.

Let’s have fun moving animals in to a barnyard

I look at blindfold barnyard a very fun iOs game where you move animals into a barn with iOs gestures. This game is relaxing and difficult at the same time. The blindfold developers have done an excellent job at this game as they always do with their series of games. Check them out.

Any feedback is more then welcome. Feel free to comment in the frame below each and every post.

looking at overcast for ios; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

<p>In this episode I go over the iOs app <a href="">overcast.</a> I discuss the good and bad and just plain ugly regarding the app. For example, focus is lost a lot when using voiceover, at least on my iPhone 6 running iOs 9.2.1. Also, at least in the version I'm using, which is the latest at the time of this recording, the download option is missing per episode. I also don't like the fact I have to apply my actions to 1 episode at a time. I have to delete twenty-four hundred episodes from my download queue and swiping down to delete is not fun that many times. If you have any questions please contact the developer from their <a href="">website.</a> You can also log in to that website using your overcast info and view and listen to your podcasts from anywhere. They also have a twitter account, however I have not received any answers from them via <a href="">twitter @OvercastFM</a> or their email form which can be found on their <a href="">contact page.</a> Feel free to share this podcast. Any comments and suggestions are more then welcome.</p>

looking at twitter for osx

I go over the twitter app for osx. Note that the link looks a bit different. Due to some problems in the app store I could not get the link.

I’m not quite impressed with this app as you will see. Many of the keystrokes in the menu for some reason fail to work, at least with voiceover on. I made sure the keyboard commander was off. Still no go. I like how far it has come but it needs to be as good as, or better then night owl, another client for osx.

Any feedback and or comments can go in the disqus frame.

blog post; a review of the braven r-1 water resistant bluetooth speaker

the following will cover the braven r–1 bluetooth speaker. A description will be covered , followed by pros and cons.


The braven r–1 bluetooth speaker is about 5 inches long and maybe 2–3 inches high. There are 4 buttons that operate the unit. Both sides are sloped On the left top slope is volume up and down. You can skip back and forth with these 2 buttons, just hold them down. [1] On the right hand side is power and play. Hold down power and turn it on. You will get a low bass tone that is the same pitch as the droid sound.

The play button also acts as the pair button. To pair a device, hold down play for about 3 seconds until you hear 4 slow beeps that echo, twice. Then follow the directions on your device to pair. If you need to enter a code enter 4 0’s.[2] The play button is also answer and end. If you need to answer a phone call, you hold down play. [3] To end the call hold down play. If no bluetooth signal is present the unit will shut off after 0.5 hours. To turn off the unit, hold down power for 3 seconds. You will hear two tones an octave apart. Warning, they can be loud so turn the unit down first just in case.

On the back of the unit is a cap. Unscrew this to access the other ports. You will find a regular usb 2.0 port that is for charging a device. And a micro port for charging the unit. You will also find a button that shows the battery indicator. There is also a reset button but I’m not sure yet where that is. On the left hand of this circle next to the usb port is the aux port. Use the provided mini patch cord to plug it in. If you need a longer one I’m sure best buy has them. Screw on the cap to make the unit water resistant again.


I love this unit. It is loud and can cover a midsize room. I’ve done it when I’m cooking and the sound is excellent. Not much base from a mono speaker, but enough to make it heard and sometimes felt. The speaker is lite weight and easy to carry.


The only con I have with it is it cannot do sd cards or even micro sd cards. Over all though this is an excellent unit.


If I have forgotten anything please let me know. Over all the speaker is a very good sounding speaker and I recommend it to anyone in need of something small.

  1. Note, this will not work everywhere. For example in vlc you cannot skip, nor in the quick look. I had the opportunity to test this in some places and it works fine. It is trial and error.


  2. the code comes from the manual which you can download from braven’s site. The pdf is accessible to voiceover users. It will take trial and error to learn the buttons.


  3. A note to voiceover users. For some reason when a call comes in the phone does not pipe the voiceover and the ring through the speaker. This has been an ongoing issue since about iOs 8 or so.


blog post: google going down hill?

The following is a direct posting from my facebook regarding what google will do on the 16th of January,. These are just my view points and anything expressed is my opinion alone.

My thinking about google is this. Google has, and always will be going down hill since they invented the so call open source thing called android. Come on. You are not even a part of the free software movement. Anyway for google to turn off half of a feature like they are doing with youtube. Why not just disable web cam recording completely. Why not just enable video uploads and say you are no longer aloud to record from your web cam. I know, take out live hang outs completely. I would not be surprised if this were googles next move. If it is, good on you as it is becoming totally inaccessible at least on osx. And you have to start a live hang out from the computer in order to do one from your phone. We now have apps like periscope and meerkat and now facebook’s live streaming thing. I might as well, in fact I do use those, I no longer will use google’s hang outs and will probably take down the ones I did do to show the fact I am apposed to google’s policies. Will this mater in the long run,No! But it makes me feel better to express my opinion thus.

Now follows the article in which this rant comes from.

Stupid! Stupid move! YouTube axes direct video uploads from webcams

Thoughts? I know some of my readers are android fans and that’s fine, but this has to do with the company and their policies.

Looking at blindfold breakout

In this episode I go over blindfold breakout. This is a game where you try and smash bricks in a row or 2, or 10. The game is 100 percent accessible for the blind and the sighted alike. I also make suggestions on what you could do with some of the points, and suggest other improvements. I really love the game and feel that it should be given a try.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? tweet me, or contact me via the disqus frame or email.

part 5 partial banquet of the nevada state convention 10-31-2015

As well as enjoying some pretty good food, we hear from our summer internships, see our scholarship winners and hear from our state rep. This is a partial archive as the auithor had to catch a ride home.

I hope you enjoyed listening, as well as I enjoyed archiving and beeing there. Any feedback on anything cango in the comments frame.

part 4 of the nevada nfb state convention 10-31-2015

It’s the 2015 elections you get to hear as well as a panel on employment and why the 70 percent of the blind might work at getting work. We talk about advocacy and more. Join me for this final few hours of the afternoon session of the 2015 Nevada federation of the blind state convention. The final part of the archives will include a partial archive of the banquet as the archiver had to leave early to catch a ride home.

Any feedback is more then welcome.

blog post: selecting text across page boundries

The following is a post I had on the applevis site, but i’m modifying it a bit. This shows how to select text across pages in the pages app in osx.


At the time of this writing, and for a year preceding, you cannot select text across pages in pages as it would highlight. This is with voiceover on. I emailed apple about this with no response. I get the feeling that more of us must submit feedback about this. I even put a youtube video about this with no results.
Yet, others can reproduce this. I don’t know why apple cannot or will not fix the issue

I decided to write a guide based on an email I received on how to select text across pages in pages or any other text editor. Following is how to do this. Any comments can go in the disqus frame.


Here is a quick written tutorial on how to select text across page boundaries in pages or any other text editor. This is a quote from an email I received. You will need to follow the directions. A blank line is left between what is to be pasted in to the file.

Note: I prefer to use text edit for my editing and saving of these documents. Remember to hit cmd shift t to change to text before following the below directions.


As mentioned in the above paragraph you will need to paste this in to a text edit document. Because I’m writing this in mark up separating this should be easy. Just copy the paragraph below the instructions.

Open a TextEdit document and paste in the following without the quotes:

“{ “^y” = “yankAndSelect:”; //control-y “^@” = “setMark:”; //control-@ “^w” = “deleteToMark:”; //control-w “^x” = { //control-x control-x “^x” = “selectToMark:”; }; “^ ” = “setMark:”; //control-space “~f” = “moveWordForward:”; //option-f “~b” = “moveWordBackward:”; //option-b }”

Save the document as:


You’ll need to change the extension to .dict manually. You can do this in the save dialogue. If text edit complains, click the use .dic button.

Next steps

After saving the document let’s say on your desktop you will need to go to your user library by going to the Go menu in Finder and using the VO keys to navigate down to Library. You will need to do this if you did not show the library in the show column dialogue (cmd j) in the finder. Alternatively you can just hit cmd shift g and type


in to the dialogue, pressing enter at the end.

Create a folder Called KeyBindings and put the .dict document into it.

From now on, you should be able to select text in any text editing application by pressing Ctrl-Space to mark the beginning of the selection, and Ctrl-x-x to mark the end of the selection. Everything in between will be selected, including page breaks.


Now that you have a temporary fix for pages, you can now select text across page boundaries like a non voice over would do. Until apple gets this fixed, feel free to use this work around. I hope this helps. I modified the email just a bit to explain some points. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section of this post..

blog post: the frustration of a facebook add!

The story started a few days ago when I wanted to post a facebook add promoting the hosting we do now. I thought this would be a good idea. Following is a modified facebook post I put up.

Well, I’m a bit frustrated right now. I was trying to post an add on facebook, so I tried this under voiceover. I got to the point where I needed to upload an image. That was fine, except I could not choose my age range or upload the image I had. I could not even choose the age range under that section. Clicking the button did nothing. Same with choosing my facebook page.

Then it came time to review my order. I got no ware as I could not upload the image or video. I then tried under nvda and firefox. I could not edit the schedule. The add was going to run for about 100 years. Not what I wanted.

I then tried nvda and Internet explorer. Everything worked except for the image. I hit the unlabeled button then hit upload. I got presented with the browse dialogue over and over and over again. I still could not even under Internet explorer or firefox choose the page or the age range. The image failed as well, as I already stated.
Someone got it to work with jaws 16 but since I don’t used jaws 16 for me it does not work.

I firmly believe that if an app or website does not work on all platforms then it doesn’t work. the person then said that “That is your narrow view point.” I have to disagree here person, as I’m loosing potential marketing dollars when a platform does not work accessibly on all platforms and with all screen readers no matter what you use and I’m not paying a thousand dollars to use jaws just once. I’m not even going to relearn jaws. I’ll stick with free and open source as anyone can modify the software and do what they want and let other s see the code even if the software is sold. As long as the person can modify the code. Freedom you know?

So if I can get the add manager to work under facebook that would be good otherwise I’ll have to take my advertising money somewhere else! I truly do not want to do this however money talks and if this cannot change I will go somewhere where my money will be accepted and the adds will be placed accessibly.

Looking at purchasing an itunes gift card via siri: the good, the bad, and the buggy.

In this demo I take a look at buying a a gift card for the itunes store via siri. Note this is for the itunes store and not the mac app store. It is also redeamable in the us. I’m not sure about other countries Comments are welcome there as I’m very curious.

Looking at clean my mac 3

in this episode I take a look at clean my mac3 a program to quickly and easily clean junk out of a mac’s system. True there is only onyx and other pieces of software, how ever sometimes it’s good to have multiple tools under your belt. I upgraded and cleaned about 14 gigs out of my system before the day was done. [^1]

The software is very very accessible and I’m very very glad the developer decided to create this software. it’s more streamline and very easy to use. The software also guides you along the way in terms of what is safe to clean and what is not. I’m an intermediate computer user, how ever I make mistakes all the time.

Feedback on this or any other episode is more then welcome. Feel free to leave a comment in the Disqus forum as this will enable other users who take advantage of these podcasts to benefit from the feedback and tips as well.

[^1]: Remember to always back up your mac via time machine or back blaze, or what ever you use. It’s a safety net in case you make a mistake or somethingn is not working quite right

looking at perascope’s new interface: a tffp stream archive

In this episode I go over the new and not so streamline periscope interface. The app needs a lot of work in my opinion and the interface is too clunky to even be worth using, plus the people viewing your video and making comments are not that friendly or professional in their comments. They want to it seems take you down and keep you at an all time low.

One note. I messed up and said I was using an iphone 6 32 gig. This is not correct. I’m actually at the time of this recording using an iphone 6 64 gig. I apologize for the slip up.

I’m sure perascope will get better, but I probably will keep with meerkat as the devs are better at changing stuff and fixing accessibility issues.

Feedback is more then welcome on the eps.

looking at the new streamline interface for meerkat – a tffp stream exclusive

I continue my meerkat review by goign over the new update. The developers took time to implement accessibility changes. they admit they have a while to go yet, but so far it’s turnign out to be a good good video streaming app.

comments? Questions? Leave them in the forum below this post.

Office 2016 preview: a first look

I take a look at Microsoft office 2016 preview. The accessibility I’m sad to say is not all that good. The issue is this. The text area you typing to in the case of word is not readable with voice over. I show an example, or try to. I’d like your comments in this as I’m frustrated that this s our third try in regard to communications with Microsoft and they have yet to understand, or maybe don’t want to understand the problems we face with their apps.

What did you do after you tested this? I want to wake up with a lot of emails from the comments area stating your feedback on the accessibility or in this case lack thereof in office 2016.

Looking at the google calendar app for ios

I take a look at the google calendar app for iOs app that was just released today. It looks accessible, how ever there are a number of changes that need to be made.

  • The keys need to be echoed back when using the editors
  • The view does not need to constantly refresh
  • There is no way that i see to change the view so I can view the days in month format in the “shape” of a calendar
  • When viewing the settings, the headings sometimes don’t announce themselves

Over all though the app is fairly easy to use and set up. If these changes would be implemented we would have a good calendar on our hands.

blog post: a rant against the REV Corporation

I normally don’t’ rant on a subject unless I’m feeling the need to expose flaws in a company, project, review, person, etc. Today’s rant is going to be about the rev company.

I went to apply on Saturday February 21 with their transcription service to try and get work there. After all you can learn a lot when you transcribe audio in to text, for example wood working etc. The beginning was accessible on the website, I had to do the following.

  1. List my contact info
  2. Provide a writing sample.
  3. transcribe a piece of audio
  4. Upload my resume.

All of this went well until the transcription. The editor is half way accessible. It has keyboard shortcuts, but when you need to edit a mistake you cannot. No text is echoed when you arrow through by line, word, etc. I should add the style guide is half way usable with google docs.

I submitted my entry to the best of my ability. I then wrote them the following email.

My name is Sarah Alawami and I just submitted an application to become a transcriptionist. I might have bombed the transcription part but i assure you it was not me.

I’m visually impaired and have issues with the editor. Is there another way I can redo the transcription, perhaps type it out in text edit then paste it all in to the box? I can work easier in there, or i can redo the test and send it to you in word doc format or pdf. I had a bit of trouble with the slides and style guide, how ever I did try my best with what I could read with my screen reader. I want to make this easier on the staff of REV. I use your product on my iPhone all and love it, and I want to have the same wonderful experience working for you guys as well as using the audio app for my own needs.

Take care and have a wonderful day. >

I received an email stating they would look at my application yesterday and they were planning to make the editor a bit more accessible or have the person submit a document instead, how ever they had no date ( not surprising).

Fast forward to today when I received an email from them stating I did not get the job. I’m used to rejection letters but this one takes the cake. Following is an entry from what I like to call my job journal.

Entry from my job journal

Applied to REV voice recording for a transcription job on 21 February. The application process is accessible until the editor. Then it half way is. I spoke to them and they said they would review my application. Here is their response.

Dear Sarah Alawami,
Thank you for applying for the transcriptionist position with Rev. We have rigorous minimum standards and unfortunately your application did not meet those.
Please do not contact Rev regarding this decision, as we are unable to further elaborate on our reasons.
Again, thank you for your interest in working with Rev. You may re-apply in six months.
Rev Recruiting

My reaction

I posted about this on facebook and a lot of people agree with me that what they did is uncalled for.

What do I intend to do about this? I plan to remove REV voice recorder from my iOs device as I will not support a company that is rude to their future job applicants. This as I stated is uncalled for and I urge all of you to leave a bad review, or what ever it takes to get this companies attention. if they are going to treat me like this, who knows how they treat their employees.

comments? I want your thoughts on what to do next. If the rest of the job market is like this, then getting a job to me is pointless. Leave your feedback in the comments.

A first impression of audio hijack pro 3

This is a first look at audiohijack which got to version 3 at the date of this recording and release of this podcast

I start to go over some of the interface which looks to be mostly accessible. I did not go over everything, but I do plan to upgrade to this software in the future.

I love the new interface changes and the intuativeness of the interface and all it can do. Any comments and feedback can be left in the comment form below.

Be blessed everyone, and happy listening.

Looking at trivia crack part 2 of 2

This is the final part to the trivia crack podcast.

here, I play a full length game, go over more of the good, the bad and the ugly with this app, and just have fun.[1]

This is a grate app that needs a lot of work. If you want to contact the trivia crack folks you can do this via twitter.[2]

Any feedback for this podcast and any others is more then welcome. Remember the interface uses jetpack so keep this in mind.

  1. A note on answers. I through exploring twitter have found a way to view answers. Simply after getting the question wrong swipe up with 2 fingers. The first answer it will read depending on what you selected is the right or wrong one, same with the second answer so keep an eye on what you selected.


  2. Should you wish to contact the trivia crack folks, feel free to use their twitter.