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Hello. Welcome to the premium side of the podcast. I will make available basic training materials for the mac and how to use voice over. Later detailed training materials for mountain lion and later operating systems will be available for purchase. Each of these will be separated by headings. the heading level 2 will be the bundle and the heading level 3 will be the individual files, if any. Enjoy.

a note to the buyer regarding the bundles

I’ve been getting reports that the bundles are broken upon extraction. I’m still trying to solve that one, but should this happen contact me as soon as possible to let me know and I’ll get you a working link. This is a promise I will keep unless my untimely or accidental death or discontinuation of the podcast.

training 1 on 1 with tffp

Tffp offers 1 on 1 training on the mac platform from basic (voice over commands and moving around the mac, plus some editing in text edit and work with the web browser) to intermediate features (some terminal experience and shortcuts). Here is the pricing structure. Training will be done via skype and or conference line. Following is the pricing. Any questions can go to <a href=mailto:”>this email address.

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bundle for basic training materials

Here are the basic training materials in zip format. Price: $6.

individual files for purchase

and here are the separated files. Remember the bundle is a cheaper deal, but if you just need one of the files feel free to just purchase that one. All files except the extras are $0.99. The extras are $1.99.

01: moving around with voice over

  1. Looking at text edit and the voice over dialogue.

03: looking at the system preferences.

  1. How to navigate the finder.
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05: how to navigate safari, and how to download a file

06: exit, and resources

extra no. 1: emptying the trash


extra no. 2: using the terminal and using the say command.

extra no. 3: Learning the recovery consul from the perspective of the recovery drive and the main os

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