blog post: a call to action against the regional transportation commission of Southern Nevada

Hello to all. This is in regard to a petition I created against our transportation commission here in the southern part of Nevada. They have for the past 4 years given me and others grief by limiting access to their system. Basically if you live outside the fixed rout system they will not pick you up. This is an injustice to the disabled as they have to rely on family members and friends who might not always be around to take them to a stop where pera transit can pick them up.

I encourage you all who are in this area to forward this to fellow nevadans and get the word out there. Send it to email lists you know of, etc.

Petition and link.

Here is the petition and link.

I’m writing on behalf of all the blind and disabled out there in southern Nevada. For 4 years I’ve been trying to convince the RTC (regional transportation commission of southern Nevada) to please ask pera transit that they pick us up outside the supplemental zone. They have done this but on a stand by system, that is, you might have a way their, but not back to your destination.

By law Pera transit has a 0.5 mile radius outside the area that the fixed rout takes so they can accommodate. My nearest bus stop is over 2 miles away. Which for me is an impossible rout because of the area I live in. I have talked to many supervisors and left comments for them, but they keep giving the excuse that they don’t have enough demand for the service outside where I live, and that the richer population complain that it would bring more crime to the area.

This to me is not a good enough excuse, as I know many older and disabled people who do live in my community who would value the use of the pera transit service in my neighborhood. I have to depend on others to get me to a place where pera transit can then pick me up. This is counter intuitive as it does not promote independence, rather it instead promotes dependence.

I’m asking on behalf of the national federation of the blind of southern Nevada to please increase pera transit to all of Las Vegas, not just where the fixed rout is capable of going. It is a disservice that the RTC made the decision to exclude the rural areas of Las Vegas and is to me an injustice.

Thanks for your time.

Sarah k Alawami

Las Vegas Nevada,
February 28, 2014

That’s why I created a petition to Regional Transportation commission of Southern Nevada, which says:

“On behalf of the blind and disabled, we petition the regional transportation commission of Southern Nevada to expand the coverage of the Pera transit service to cover all of the Las Vegas Valley. This will promote grater independence for the blind and disabled persons living in rural areas.”

Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:

Here it is imbedded in to the post directly.



I encourage all of you to please forward this to as many nevadans as you can. if this becomes popular enough move on will help us spread the word. Those of you in the news departments can also maybe contact your news directors and also get this out there. This is an injustice that needs to be stopped. Not just for me, but for the rest of us that live outside the fixed route system.

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    blog post: How to make a bootable mavericks disk using voice over and disk utility


    IN this article i’ll attempt to go over how to make a bootable disk using mavericks and voice over. You will need access to the terminal and the disk utility and an 8 gb or higher flash drive to do this with. So here we go.

    Format your flash drive

    1. launch disk utility
    2. connect your thumb drive
    3. in the table, go to the root of the thumb drive that is the brand name and size, not the name underneath such as untitled.
    4. Stop interacting with the table and go to the partitions tab.
    5. Press vo space on it. and choose 1 partition from the pop up button. You will loose what ever is on this drive.
    6. Navigate to the format and choose from the pop up button osx extended journaled.
    7. Navigate to options and press vo space.
    8. Choose guid partition skeem and hit ok.
    9. go to apply and confirm.

    After your drive is reformatted you can proceed to the next step.

    show all files in the finder

    When you have reformatted your drive you will need to show all files in osx. You will need to do this to access some hidden files under the app for mavericks which you should have downloaded from the app store and kept some ware, both in your applications folder and an external drive.

    1. launch the terminal by hitting cmd shift u from the finder window and opening the
    2. paste this command in to the terminal and hit enter

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

      if you are in mavericks the case is different.

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    3. Enter this command in to the terminal

      killall Finder

    4. relaunch. This should show all files no matter what it is. Be very careful in this mode from here to the end.

    Make the boot disk

    Now you are ready to proceed. You will need disk utility and the knowledge of the drag drop ways in voice over. I use the newer method as it seems to work better then the old method.

    1. From the applications folder if you still have the mavericks app file there, hit vo shift m and choose show package contents.
    2. Navigate to contents, then to shared support..
    3. Open installesd.dmg
    4. Once that is loaded go to “BaseSystem.dmg” and hit cmd down arrow. if that does not work hit vo shift m and choose to open it.
    5. Now go back to disk utility and find “BaseSystem.dmg” and press vo space on the restore tab.
    6. Once done check to see if that is the source.
    7. If it is, go to your partitioned drive or what ever you called it, for example 10.9 and press vo plus the , key. (you need to have punctuation shown to see the symbol, but basically it’s the key below the k on a qwerty keyboard).
    8. hit b for basesystem.dmg and make sure you are still on the restore tab.
    9. go to the text that says drag image here, or something to that effect and press vo period. on that text.
    10. If you are lucky you will hear item dropped on what ever that text says. Verify that you see your partition there.
    11. Now, hit restore and wait for your flash disk to be restored.
    12. When the finder opens stay in that window and make sure you are in list view by hitting cmd 2.
    13. Now navigate to the system folder, then installation, then remove the file packages.alius.
    14. Open a new finder window and go to your installesd.dmg and copy the packages folder to the clip board.
    15. Close the window with cmd w.
    16. Now paste in the packages folder in the window you are in.

    When you are done you can hide all files by entering

    • for 10.8 and below

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE />

    • and for mavericks the command is

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

    Test the drive

    Once you are done you can test the drive by going to your system prefs and start disk, then navigating through the radio buttons. If you see BaseSystem you did it, you might have to rename the drive if you want to, but that’s how you make a bootable drive. Note, it will look different, that is the table of utilities are missing but this does indeed work.



    p>As you can see making a bootable drive is not impossible, it just takes patience. But if you follow the steps above you should be ok. I Welcome your comments and questions via the blog post.

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      advertise on tffp

      Have a product you sell? Putting out a new track? If so you have come to the right place. The podcast will rotate your add for $5 a month (if you want it on individual posts as well as the home page, the price will go up to $7). Need it for a shorter time? <a href=”mailto:””>send an email and we’ll do our best to work out the terms. Here is what you need to do.

      • send an email using the link above with the text of your add (spelling counts). State how long you want the add to be on the site.
      • Make sure there is a link to your product, track, reverbnation page, etc.
      • If the add is approved an invoice via paypal will be generated, and as soon as payment is accepted the month will start from then.

      We look forward to promoting your product, podcast, track, what ever it might be.

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        How to broadcast, or podcast using osx with out too much hassle

        This will be a sticky, that is, always at the top, post. This ensures that who ever wants to read this will not have to find the post barrier amongst all the other posts on the podcast blog.

        to broadcast from the mac with out too much haste if you don’t want metadata showing, or to do a live remote where you don’t need meta data showing you will need

        • sound flower from
        • >vlc or the player of your choice. (I’ve used iTunes as well, but you need another external sound card just in case).
        • Line in (free) from this site
        • Garage band ($14.95) from the mac app store
        • Nice cast $59 from this site
        • and if you are going to do a podcast using this set up you will need the recording software of your choice. I use amadeus


        1. Install sound flower. I don’t recall if you need to restart your system or not but follow the prompts.
        2. Install line in I’m not going to go through the steps as the user should be familiar with installing apps to a mac.
        3. Install nice cast.
        4. Launch line in
          • A. Choose input as sound flower 2ch and output as your internal sound card or an external if you have another one.. I use an mimic usb sound card.
          • B. Check the pass through check box and you will be able to hear your sound. This is useful if for some reason like if you use iTunes you want to set the output in mac itself to sound flower 2ch. You will then need to switch voice over to another sound card (lion and higher). As a side note you can get to the sound prefs by hitting option plus f12 or if you have fn. keys toggled on fn. option f12.
        5. Download garage band from the app store.
          • A. Start garage band and choose voice for the template
          • B. go to its prefs and go to output.
          • C. Set the output to sound flower2ch and the input to the mic of your choice.
          • d. delete all tracks in the project and create a new basic track, or use the existing one
          • E. from the track you want to use go to the track info area and interact.
          • F. choose stereo 1/2 from the pop up button.
          • if you want the mic on choose on with out feedback. This control will must and unmute your mic. when you are done speaking choose off, or none. Refer to the prior step when you want to broadcast
          • G. Save the file you just created. I called mine mic for You will need to set your output and input every time in the prefs or check to see that they have been retained before every broadcast/podcast.
        6. launch your player of choice (not applicable to iTunes) and set its output to sound flower 2ch
        7. start nice cast
          • A. set its source as sound flower 2ch. I’m assuming you already created the preset for the server you are to broadcast to.
          • B. with all of this launched hit cmd b to start broadcasting and check to archive if you want from nice cast and test the server to see if you are connected or have someone tune in and listen to see if you are.
          • C. I usually start with the mic off, that is with the monitoring off. in garage band, play a track or 2 from my player and then turn the mic on by changing the setting in that pop up button to on with no feed back.

        and that’s it. It seems like a lot to do, but if you are fast fingered you can put on a successful show.

        Attached is the file I use. Enjoy.


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          A first impression of audio hijack pro 3

          This is a first look at audiohijack which got to version 3 at the date of this recording and release of this podcast

          I start to go over some of the interface which looks to be mostly accessible. I did not go over everything, but I do plan to upgrade to this software in the future.

          I love the new interface changes and the intuativeness of the interface and all it can do. Any comments and feedback can be left in the comment form below.

          Be blessed everyone, and happy listening.

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            looking at be my eyes: a podcast by Darron Duff

            this is a look at be my eyes an ios app that can if used appropriately aid the blind in getting help with identifying a package.1

            Darron goes over the layout of the app followed by a use case scenario and ends with his thoughts. . I hope you enjoy.

            1. This was a guest podcast done by Darron Duff. If you would like to contact him you can do so via his twitter. 

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              Looking at trivia crack part 2 of 2

              This is the final part to the trivia crack podcast.

              here, I play a full length game, go over more of the good, the bad and the ugly with this app, and just have fun.[1]

              This is a grate app that needs a lot of work. If you want to contact the trivia crack folks you can do this via twitter.[2]

              Any feedback for this podcast and any others is more then welcome. Remember the interface uses jetpack so keep this in mind.

              1. A note on answers. I through exploring twitter have found a way to view answers. Simply after getting the question wrong swipe up with 2 fingers. The first answer it will read depending on what you selected is the right or wrong one, same with the second answer so keep an eye on what you selected.


              2. Should you wish to contact the trivia crack folks, feel free to use their twitter.


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                Looking at trivia crack, part 1 of 2

                This is going to be a 2 part podcast on trivia crack a game for ios, android and more. This was an archived stream recorded on January 10, 2015.

                I start by :

                • Going over the main interface
                • talkign about the game itself
                • showing the bugs
                • playing a few games

                Part 2 will cover a full length game and excepting lives, spins, etc from users.

                I hope you all enjoy.

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                  Looking at the western digital elements 4tb drive

                  This is an unboxing of the elements 4tb drive by Western Digital¬

                  • I start by going over the contents of the box,
                  • get confused on what it looks like,
                  • hook it up to my hub,
                  • discuss something that annoys me about having this hub,
                  • and end by copying some data over.

                  Feedback is more then welcome.

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                    A walk thrugh of the last arean in audio defense

                    In this episode I have some fun going over the audio defense final arena. This was a stream archive that took place November 21 2014. Enjoy.

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                      Let’s have some fun with dice world: a stream archive

                      This was a stream archive I did on dice world. I went over 2 games and had some fun doing this. The 2 games I went over will be coming in professional practice demos later this month. Thanks to @dice_world for making their games accessible and fun to play.

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                        final look at blind square: a sound skape of a real life use case

                        I finish this series by taking you through the app once again, but this time with out me explaining what I’m doing and why. I also just for fun include a phone call to brake the monotony of the wait. We also hear from a special guest who decided to pop in. enjoy the discussions, app use, and more.

                        Feedback is more then welcome. I really enjoy this app, and I hope you will to.

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                          Looking at endless mode in audio defense

                          I continue to go over audio defense. I go over endless mode. In this mode, your goal is to shoot as many zombies as possible, while surviving. Sadly, I had to end the demo early, as this game is notorious for lagging. If you need/want a link to audio defense, go to the first episode where in I give a link.

                          Any feedback is welcome.

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                            Takeing a look at audio defense

                            I take a look at audio defence and have to sotp in the middle of it because my phone had issues. I love thsi game and it’s an eye openign experience tojust use yoru ears. It’s a grate game to play, just don’t play it around kids as the sounds are quite extreme.

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                              Looking at audio speed and change reaction

                              I take a look at audiospeed a racing game for the blind, and anyoen else who wants to try it. I love racing games and always have. This was a stream that I did and here’s the archive.

                              Feedback is more then welcome. Listen to the contact info to find out how you can get your message on to the next podcast.

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                                I take a look at blidn square as I head to UNLV. I go over more of its features including simulation of places and checking in to places via 4sq. The next podcast will be when ‘m going back, except yo hear it in real time with out me explaining what is going on.

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                                  looking at ios 8 and what’s new

                                  In this episode i go over updating and the new stuff in ios 8.1. This was a live stream so you might hear references to this. We alsohad an interesting adventure after I updated. I’ll say this much, everythign turned out good in the end.

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                                    a first look at blind square

                                    In this episode I take a first look at blind square a gps app designed with the blind in mind. I go over the main interface, and settings. I also go over what might need to be modified. I have to make a correction though. I said that I wwished I could change to miles. I found the correct setting in settings, except it is feet not miles. That works though and will still serve my purposes.

                                    If you want to leave feedback about this or any other podcast please feel free to contact me.

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                                      Looking at the new audio boom website

                                      In this episode I go over how to uploadi using the new audioboom website. I first take you through while a clip is sending then take you throgu to send an actual clip. I go over some practice that might make it easier if you are uploading a series of booms.

                                      Take care.

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                                        a look at the new audio boom app released september 2014

                                        In this episode I go over the new and improved audioboom for iOS I start by going over the main interface including help, then settings and finally I go over recording and playing of booms and downloading multiple ones at once.

                                        All feedback is more then welcome. Feel free to comment on this post and I will pass this on to the developers.

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                                          blog post: setting up an icecast server on a linode server: a how to


                                          Today I decided to try and set up an ice cast server on a linode to see if I could do it. following is my journey chronicling what happened, and what lessons are to be learned.

                                          What you might need

                                          You will need a linode, at least that’s the best way to learn how to do this. You can go to this site to learn more. After you get your account set up you will need a working knowledge of the shell. We will not go in to it in this guide.

                                          installing icecast

                                          When it comes time to do the installation you might run in to an error such as the following paraphrased.

                                          ice cast not found. >
                                          Try the following.

                                          1. if not logged in to your shell, log in as root.
                                          2. Run the following command.

                                            [apt-get update

                                          3. Wait for that process to finish
                                          4. try running apt-get install icecast2 and press enter.

                                          Importent: editing the xml file

                                          There are several fields you might need to edit the xml file. I can’t go in to all of them as I’m still learning but I will walk you through some of these that you might want to change.

                                          username and pwd for both source and admin

                                          Unless you want to get hacked, the smart thing would be to change the user name and pwd (password) ) of both your source and admin. These can be anything you want, how ever I recommend strong passwords. The defaults are hackme, and many people know these are the default passwords so change them so that you don’t get hacked, or no one can broadcast with out your knowing.

                                          the user account

                                          Next you will need to create a user account to run the ice cast process from. You can do this using ssh. Look up how to do this.

                                          Once your user is created you will need to put this in your xml file. It’s at the bottom under security.

                                          • comment out the changeowner section. You will need this
                                          • enter the user name you created in the user name field. I was confused as to why this was needed but I got some help from some people on twitter regarding this.
                                          • change the group from nogroup to root. This is necessary if you get an error in your prompt when trying to start ice cast.


                                          I next set the logs up after getting a ton of permission denied after starting the ice cast service. You will get logs set some ware else. Set them up in a separate user name so your logs will go in to for example


                                          You can create a log folder if you so desire, how ever it is not necessary.
                                          You will want to change the section that looks like

                                          <adminroot>/usr/local/share/icecast/admin</adminroot> >

                                          Modify those to your /your home user name. directory
                                          Note: If the admin and web folders don’t look right, modify the xml to where they point. In my case it was
                                          /etc/icecast2. Your results might or might not varry.

                                          After changing the place of the log files, modify the next section to look like this.

                                          <loglevel>4</loglevel> <!-- 4 Debug, 3 Info, 2 Warn, 1 Error -->

                                          Next cd to your home directory, that is, the home directory in which you will assign the user for the ice cast process, and type

                                          touch access.log error.log

                                          and hit enter. This will create 2 log files of which ice cast will proceed to write.

                                          starting the server

                                          with luck and with allot of patience you will have an ice cast server up and running with in about 2 hours of your time. Remember though to work slowly and carefully through setting it up.

                                          To start the service

                                          • cd to the directory where your icecast.xml is In my case it was in /etc/icecast2
                                          • enter the following command

                                            icecast2 -c icecast.xml

                                          • Of corse if your xml is called something else replace it with the name. The -c tells the program to use the correct configuration
                                          • If you want your process to run in the back round so you can do other things add -b to the end of the line.

                                          If you are using a screen reader please read the lines of code carefully so that mistakes are few and far between.


                                          I hope this has helped someone. I’m mainly doing this to keep a record for myself, but I’m hoping this little guide will help someone in the long run. If I missed anything feel free to leave a comment so that I may both learn, and gain knowledge in the ssh shell.

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                                            a neat way to steam and cook meats and other items

                                            I go over how I cook veggie burgers. You can use this technique to cook meet.

                                            How do you use this method? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, or call the comment line.

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                                              Looking at the Sony MDR-NC7/BLK Noise Canceling On-Ear Headphones

                                              I take a look at the sony on ear noise canceling headphones.

                                              I first start by unboxing even though I started the process the day before. I then proceed to put the battery in. This took a bit longer then I would have liked. I then show or try and show what it sounds like and do the bleeding test.

                                              All feedback is more then welcome. I love doing these podcasts.

                                              Note that at the beginning is an announcement regarding the podcast for the next month and a half or so.

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                                                a look at the new swarm app released june 2014

                                                I take a look at swarm by 4square, an app released june of 2014. There are some very minor accessibility changes that need to be made, how ever the app really does what it is suposed to do.

                                                All feedback is more then welcome.

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                                                  04 heading home from the national acb 2014 convention 07-16-2014

                                                  I am on my way home. Apparently there are some issues with the RTC as you will hear. I do arrive home safe though. I would have put this up yesterday, how ever I decided to crash.

                                                  I would like to thank everybody who gave me positive feedback on convention coverage both through audio boo and the podcast. You all rock, and I can’t wait to do this next year.

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                                                    03 last day of exhibit hall adventures at the acb 2014 convention 07-16-2014

                                                    This is the last day of interviews and demos. I start out by interviewing elegant insights, then I find sprint, and lastly I talk to a few amateur radio operators and learn about some new equipment for my baofeng uv5r. Join me for some last day fun filled adventures including some navigating to lunch.

                                                    Feedback is more then welcome on coverage of this year’s exhibit hall from the acb 2014 convention in Las Vegas, nv.

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                                                      02 exhibit adventures at the ACB2014 convention 07-15-2014

                                                      about 3 hours of exhibit adventures are at you. I interview google, a guide dog school, and more. Come with as I have some fun.

                                                      Feedbag is more then welcome on the podcast.

                                                      Enjoy to all and have a wonderful day.

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                                                        01 getting to the acb convention

                                                        Here is the adventure, or in some cases misadventure of me getting to the acb convention. I use for those unfamiliar with how things work in the states a form of travel called pera transit. The service is differently named in other parts of the USA but enjoy. I’ll also be using my baofeng uv5r to communicate with fellow hams in the hotel. If you are in the area my call sign is KE7ZUM and I’ll be hanging out on 147.480

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                                                          looking at the blind swordsman: a game for mac oss

                                                          I take a look at the blind swards man, a self voiceing game for osx. The mic might clip a bit but enjoy. here is the appel vis thread where you will find the download.

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                                                            A look at aftership: an ios app

                                                            I take a look at aftership an app that will track your packages. It supports over 139 carriers in the us and more in other countries. There are some unlabeled buttons, however¬ the app is very very dead simple to use.

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                                                              a look at the new facebook pages manager app for ios released june 2014

                                                              I take a look at the newely updated facebook pages manager and all it has to offer. There are some accessibility issues, the main one beeing the 4 tabs, if you will, at the bottom of the screen.

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                                                                Looking at the new skype update released 06-19-2014

                                                                I take a look at the new skype5 released june 19 2014. Refer to this blog to see where I got the info.

                                                                There are still things that are broken how ever skype addressed the main ones well. including using a long press to remove recent items.[1]

                                                                over all, the update is very good and skype has done wonders in terms of accessibility.

                                                                All feedback is welcome.

                                                                1. long press: a double tap and hold also known as a pass through jesture.


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                                                                  looking at bit torrent synch for ios and osx

                                                                  I take a look at bit torrent synch for both osx and iOS. there is a windows version but since I sort of don’t have a windows set up (it is virtual) there is no point in testing and reviewing it since all concepts are the same.

                                                                  I start by going over the mac app in terms of settings, synching, adding a folder and viewing the history and transfers.

                                                                  I then go over the iOS app in the same way, except I add a folder by scanning the QR code using iOS. Since I am not an android user you guys are on your own in terms of scanning your computer screens. I would like to hear the feedback you guys have in terms of accessibility though.

                                                                  You can find the mac version here, and the iOS version here.

                                                                  If you want the key for the folder I used as an example (It is read only) copy the following in to bit torrent synch


                                                                  feedback is welcome.

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                                                                    looking at the skype app part 02

                                                                    I take a further look at the skype app for iOS. For a link to the new update see the post on june 10 of this year. There are some things you cannot do at least for me.

                                                                    • add echo123. I thought you could do this so that you could for example test your iPhone’s mic
                                                                    • remove recents from the recents tab
                                                                    • search for someone in your skype list. I was trying to find someone who is on my contacts list and they are just plain gone; yet they show up on my mac just fine

                                                                    I also show how to call a contact It’s relatively easy. as you can see by the instructions. Over all skype has done a grate job how ever they do need to work on some stuff to make it a bit more convenient. Over all it is usable how ever and i applaud the skype team for making it so.

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