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Tffp now offers hosting for websites, blogs and icecast streaming servers. The following is a breakdown of pricing. We use square for our processing to make keeping track of invoices easier. should you have any questions email us

Now follows the breakdown of prices

Service price
Domain $14 per year per domain
WordPress set up see below (one time)
1-3 sites $50
4-6 sites $80
7 and up $100
Space ( paid monthly
1-3 sites 14
4-6 $24
7 and up $40

Please email me with “website hosting” in the subject and include the following in the body of your message .

  1. 1. Domain(s) to host
  2. 2. Type of CMS

Should you have any questions or need a different configuration, contact me with more information, and I’ll do my best to work with you.


I needed three sites to start up my podcasts and host my other projects and Sarah delivered! In less then 24 hours, all domaines were registered, sites were registered and wordpress was installed on all three, plus plugins I needed. Sarah is a quick worker, and her attention to detail on everything I needed/asked for was done at a very rapid pace. Definitely recommend her services. You won’t be

When the Sports RD was welcomed into The Fun filled Podcast,
the Sports RD found the best home we could have ever asked for.

thanks to TFFP’s reach, our shows are available on a wide range
of platforms and devices. We are able to reach a wide audience that we would otherwise
not have access to. 
We are free to put out the type of show we have always strived to put out and in return,
we have gotten the best host who is prompt, professional, friendly and courteous to us, and our shows.
We would unequivocally recommend The Fun Filled Podcast to anyone who wants to have the biggest reach for a wide audience, have the best host you could ever ask for, and the best environment to put
out the best podcast episodes.