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Hello to all. Here is the page where you can find all of the conventions I have attended. No show notes will be in any of the posts as I cannot remember everything that happened; however, you can go to the nfb highlights website and search for the old recordings of the convention you want and see what happened then. All conventions will also be posted on the master feed but this is a way to just view these. Enjoy.

National nfb conventions

July 2007

July 2008

July 2009

July 2010

State conventions

Every so often I get the chance to attend one of the state conventions the nfb has in Las Vegas, nv. I feel my education in the philosophy of the federation has grown and I have been able to embrace it better due to the smaller conventions. It’s also easier to learn from one another in a smaller environment as well. Enjoy.

State convention: Las Vegas, nv: october 2007

State Convension: Las Vegas, nv: November 2009

State convention: Las Vegas, nv: November 2011

Nevada State convention October 31 2015

south western student regional seminar: Las Vegas, nv: march 2013

other conventions

From time to time I will be attending other conventions throughout the life time of this podcast. This will only have 1 entry thus far but watch out for more as time goes on.

National ACB convention july 2014

I decided to attend for 2 days this year. from monday july 14 to wednesday july 16 to conduct intervews and have fun. Join me for some interesting adventures.

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