blog post: an alternative way to submit feedback to apple when you are in the public beta cycle

The following will cover an alternate way of submitting bugs to apple. This ensures a faster reply for us. I should know, I’ve been a beta tester for going on 5 years now, and I’ve done these exact steps.

for all of us public beta testers submitting feedback through the feedback is all good, however there is another way to do this and it’s a lot easier.

#first step: create a free apple dev account
. create an apple developer account. Make sure it is the free one as you don’t want to pay the $99 a year. this will ensure access to the bug report site. You can find out more at [apple’s developer website.](

#report the pesky bugs
When you need to report a bug go to [apple’s bug report site]( and sign in. After signing in with your apple ID and password you signed up with for your free apple developer account, click new in the tool bar. Now click iOs \(osx if you are testing os 10.12\) and fill out the info. This is an accessible way of submitting said reports, and you can upload screenshots and profiles and logs this way.
##submitting screenshots.
To upload a screenshot or movie of the bug if at all possible do the following. Note that recording a movie will not be gone over here as many systems are different.

1. After you record your movie save it to your desktop
2. Fill in the relevant fields in the bug report such as title, description and steps to reproduce. Also don’t forget to include build numbers.
3. In the heading labeled attachments.
4. Next click the upload file button and find your movie. Hit enter on it and the file will begin uploading when you click submit.

That’s it. I’ve ben a beta tester for 6 years and about 95 percent of my bugs get seen and acted on by the apple devs. You will get a response with in 2-3 days rather then wait and hope the feedback got to them.

#thanks and acknowledgments
I’d like to thank one of my fellow beta testers for reminding me of this method in bug reporting during the public betas. You don’t need to spend any money and you have an accessible platform for reporting. By the way the bug reporter in iOs from apple’s [bug reporter site]( is very very accessible via safari on iOs. I’ve had the chance to submit bugs when on the go and update them when I get home from work or school.

Any comments should go to the disqus frame. Anything missing? Let me know.

blog post: selecting text across page boundries

The following is a post I had on the applevis site, but i’m modifying it a bit. This shows how to select text across pages in the pages app in osx.


At the time of this writing, and for a year preceding, you cannot select text across pages in pages as it would highlight. This is with voiceover on. I emailed apple about this with no response. I get the feeling that more of us must submit feedback about this. I even put a youtube video about this with no results.
Yet, others can reproduce this. I don’t know why apple cannot or will not fix the issue

I decided to write a guide based on an email I received on how to select text across pages in pages or any other text editor. Following is how to do this. Any comments can go in the disqus frame.


Here is a quick written tutorial on how to select text across page boundaries in pages or any other text editor. This is a quote from an email I received. You will need to follow the directions. A blank line is left between what is to be pasted in to the file.

Note: I prefer to use text edit for my editing and saving of these documents. Remember to hit cmd shift t to change to text before following the below directions.


As mentioned in the above paragraph you will need to paste this in to a text edit document. Because I’m writing this in mark up separating this should be easy. Just copy the paragraph below the instructions.

Open a TextEdit document and paste in the following without the quotes:

“{ “^y” = “yankAndSelect:”; //control-y “^@” = “setMark:”; //control-@ “^w” = “deleteToMark:”; //control-w “^x” = { //control-x control-x “^x” = “selectToMark:”; }; “^ ” = “setMark:”; //control-space “~f” = “moveWordForward:”; //option-f “~b” = “moveWordBackward:”; //option-b }”

Save the document as:


You’ll need to change the extension to .dict manually. You can do this in the save dialogue. If text edit complains, click the use .dic button.

Next steps

After saving the document let’s say on your desktop you will need to go to your user library by going to the Go menu in Finder and using the VO keys to navigate down to Library. You will need to do this if you did not show the library in the show column dialogue (cmd j) in the finder. Alternatively you can just hit cmd shift g and type


in to the dialogue, pressing enter at the end.

Create a folder Called KeyBindings and put the .dict document into it.

From now on, you should be able to select text in any text editing application by pressing Ctrl-Space to mark the beginning of the selection, and Ctrl-x-x to mark the end of the selection. Everything in between will be selected, including page breaks.


Now that you have a temporary fix for pages, you can now select text across page boundaries like a non voice over would do. Until apple gets this fixed, feel free to use this work around. I hope this helps. I modified the email just a bit to explain some points. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section of this post..

blog post: setting up an icecast server on a linode server: a how to


Today I decided to try and set up an ice cast server on a linode to see if I could do it. following is my journey chronicling what happened, and what lessons are to be learned.

What you might need

You will need a linode, at least that’s the best way to learn how to do this. You can go to this site to learn more. After you get your account set up you will need a working knowledge of the shell. We will not go in to it in this guide.

installing icecast

When it comes time to do the installation you might run in to an error such as the following paraphrased.

ice cast not found. >
Try the following.

  1. if not logged in to your shell, log in as root.
  2. Run the following command.

    [apt-get update

  3. Wait for that process to finish
  4. try running apt-get install icecast2 and press enter.

Importent: editing the xml file

There are several fields you might need to edit the xml file. I can’t go in to all of them as I’m still learning but I will walk you through some of these that you might want to change.

username and pwd for both source and admin

Unless you want to get hacked, the smart thing would be to change the user name and pwd (password) ) of both your source and admin. These can be anything you want, how ever I recommend strong passwords. The defaults are hackme, and many people know these are the default passwords so change them so that you don’t get hacked, or no one can broadcast with out your knowing.

the user account

Next you will need to create a user account to run the ice cast process from. You can do this using ssh. Look up how to do this.

Once your user is created you will need to put this in your xml file. It’s at the bottom under security.

  • comment out the changeowner section. You will need this
  • enter the user name you created in the user name field. I was confused as to why this was needed but I got some help from some people on twitter regarding this.
  • change the group from nogroup to root. This is necessary if you get an error in your prompt when trying to start ice cast.


I next set the logs up after getting a ton of permission denied after starting the ice cast service. You will get logs set some ware else. Set them up in a separate user name so your logs will go in to for example


You can create a log folder if you so desire, how ever it is not necessary.
You will want to change the section that looks like

<adminroot>/usr/local/share/icecast/admin</adminroot> >

Modify those to your /your home user name. directory
Note: If the admin and web folders don’t look right, modify the xml to where they point. In my case it was
/etc/icecast2. Your results might or might not varry.

After changing the place of the log files, modify the next section to look like this.

<loglevel>4</loglevel> <!-- 4 Debug, 3 Info, 2 Warn, 1 Error -->

Next cd to your home directory, that is, the home directory in which you will assign the user for the ice cast process, and type

touch access.log error.log

and hit enter. This will create 2 log files of which ice cast will proceed to write.

starting the server

with luck and with allot of patience you will have an ice cast server up and running with in about 2 hours of your time. Remember though to work slowly and carefully through setting it up.

To start the service

  • cd to the directory where your icecast.xml is In my case it was in /etc/icecast2
  • enter the following command

    icecast2 -c icecast.xml

  • Of corse if your xml is called something else replace it with the name. The -c tells the program to use the correct configuration
  • If you want your process to run in the back round so you can do other things add -b to the end of the line.

If you are using a screen reader please read the lines of code carefully so that mistakes are few and far between.


I hope this has helped someone. I’m mainly doing this to keep a record for myself, but I’m hoping this little guide will help someone in the long run. If I missed anything feel free to leave a comment so that I may both learn, and gain knowledge in the ssh shell.

blog post: creating nested folders in iOS 7.1

When ios7 was released in october or so,there was talk on the applevis site about creating nested folders in ios7. We all thought that apple would not support this feature and apple still might not so try the following tip at your own risk.

the reason

Apple recently implemented support for pages inside folders. This is a good thing, but what if you suddenly have 20 pages of apps inside folders. Would it not be nice to create subfolders inside let’s ay communications and websites? to have both communication and website shortcuts on your home screen inside that folder? As stated above try this tip at your own risk, as I’m not sure if apple will support this in the future.

the method

In doing this I’ll try and implement voice over jesters. For my sited readers follow the normal jesters, for example, hold instead of double tap and hold.

  • Create a folder. For example let’s call it folder a, We’ll create the new folder, let’s say folder 1 in folder a. how ever before folder 1 is done double tap and hold.
  • Once folder A opens you will have a sub folder inside folder a called folder 1.

this might sound very confusing, and it is, how ever here is the original blog post to perhaps clear things


Hopefully this helped someone. i cannot update to ios7.1 as of Yet. See my blog post on things that changed regarding ios 7, and bugs that prevent me from updating.

Should you have any question, feel free to call the hotline, or better yet,, leave comments on this or any other posts.

thanks to all.