blog post: the inaccessibility of patreon. Staff uncaring

The following is on my patreon page which can be found here For those that want to be patrons please write to them. As a creator I’m losing probably average of $200 if each of my subscribers donated $1 a month. That can be a lot for some of us. Here is the post. 1

The following comes from a user of NVDA. For those that don’t know what NVDA is, it is a screen reader which can be gotten from nvda’s homepage (that page will redirect you to the new page) which is free and open source. I have also ben trying to contact patreon regarding accessibility on mac os. It’s better, but not getting there fast enough in my humble opinion. It actually seems like they want to deal with us mac users more than us windows users. They have an email to which you can reach out and bring accessibility to their attention. Please email and express to them your concern. Here is the email about that first.

Patreon replied with, a, send an email to this general email address, line, so, I am gonna call their bluff. I think everyone should write to the below if they cannot use the service or heard the service was inaccessible. In the meantime, I am gonna continue to look for emails and phone numbers. Share this email widely! I know many don’t use patreon, but I know many blind creators who could make a living off it if the app and or website had labeled buttons and links.

So as you can see they do not understand accessibility. The following is an email thread in its entirety with all names not redacted. Please spread this on your patreon page and everywhere else. I have not edited the thread so any mistakes in spelling etc are not mine, not this time. Let’s go make a difference.

Begin thread:

For the past months I have been trying to advocate for Patreon to take accessibility seriously. The below, is a giant list of threads and otherwise where I and others have attempted to do the same. They refuse to see how important this is. I have lost money because of them and I know many many many disabled creators who would like to use the service but can’t, even non blind keyboard users. The below is a blog post not by me, and then my email to a few folks at Patreon I did through some digging, and then the email thread with one employee there to someone else. Enjoy reading. And, no. I am not done.

Before I begin, our advocacy group email is below.

Here’s one blog post on the subject.

Patreon and accessibility

And here’s their twitter response to me.

And here’s the email they told me to email. I shared it far and wide.

Now, here is the chain.

My name is Robert Kingett. I am a blind patreon who creator who struggles with the service daily. I was thinking about closing my account all together because I was having a really hard, and in some cases, impossible time managing my page and my account.
I use a screen reader, In this case, an open source screen reader called NVDA. I do not use the mouse to navigate. I use the keyboard. To put it simply, a screen reader takes the HTML, reads the HTML, then translates it into a keyboard driven virtual buffer that we can hear while navigating around.
While I’ve always had a patreon account, even when I could see some, I was constantly unable to manage my profile and or account using a screen reader. My blind supporters have stopped donating to me because they could not change pledges or otherwise cancel their pledges easily. I lost money.
I would be more than happy to work with you on a regular basis to fix the many issues I have found. Some of these include poor heading structure or otherwise missing headings, missing alt text atributes for images… popup dialog box rendering to where the screen reader can see the popped out box… and, a few others. There are several relatively simple fixes you can do on the site that would increase accessibility. Some of the issues encountered throughout

the site include:

Missing alt text
– Missing form labels
– Empty links
– Empty buttons
– Poor visual focus for sighted keyboard only users
– Skipped headings making the document structure hard to understand.
– Orphaned form labels
– Redundant links (2 links side by side going to the same place)
– Links coded as buttons.

These are easy to fix. I would be more than happy to help you make the site more accessible from a screen reader standpoint and beyond. After all, as it stands, I cannot use your service. My patrons couldn’t, either, which is why they left.
When can we have a phone call about this? What phone number is the best to reach you? When can we have a conference call about this?

The below email thread is a long running one about lack of accessibility of the service. I know many who would like to use the service and who can’t edit their pages or change prices or cancel pledges or even use the service. The app is actually worse than the website. I know many of you are not patreon creators, but this is how I, and many others, make money.

I am gonna call the below today. If anybody wants to send emails or make phone calls, to try to get someone, let me know. clearly, he likes ignoring emails.

Tal Raviv
Product Manager
phone: 561.789.1015
. . .
Gregg Rosenberg
Apr 3 #443

I have great news. I am working with Wayne McKenzie at Apple, the Apple Engineering Team, and YouTube TV indirectly to rectify all the problems I have documented with YouTube TV with respect to app accessibility and once that is under control I will focus on content accessibility and describe audio. Wayne is going to be reaching back to me late this week or early next week with the request of log files engineering and YouTube TV folks wish me to extract from my Apple TV (4th Generation).

On Apr 3, 2018, at 11:26 AM, Robert Kingett <kingettr@… wrote:

The below email thread is a long running one about lack of accessibility of the service. I know many who would like to use the service and who can’t edit their pages or change prices or cancel pledges or even use the service. The app is actually worse than the website. I know many of you are not patreon creators, but this is how I, and many others, make money.

I am gonna call the below today. If anybody wants to send emails or make phone calls, to try to get someone, let me know. clearly, he likes ignoring emails.

Tal Raviv
Product Manager
phone: 561.789.1015

On 4/3/2018 11:10 AM, Nicolas Steenhout wrote:
Hello again Tal,

I haven’t heard from you for nearly a week on my latest email, and for nearly 3 weeks on my previous email.

I have included Robert Kingett on this email as he is a blind individual who is unable to use Patreon. He is interested in speaking to people at Patreon on improving accessibility.

Thank you


On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 1:04 PM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@… wrote:
Hello again,

Are you able to give me an update? It’s now been 10 months since I first reached out to you about accessibility. I did not hear back from you about who I can speak within Patreon to get this moving.

I have people who want to become my patron, but are unable to use the site because of the accessibility issues. Your lack of movement is costing me money.

I also know artists and podcasters with disabilities who want to put their projects on Patreon, but who are unable to join because Patreon is not accessible.

It would be great if Patreon came to accessibility willingly rather than dragging their feet to it.

Thank you for a PROMPT response.


On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 4:35 PM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@… wrote:
Thank you.

I’m sorry, but “it’s on our list and in our consciousness” isn’t good
enough anymore. It’s been well over 6 months that I initially
contacted Patreon about this issue.

To say “it’s on our list”, is basically paying lip service to
something that impacts a large minority. Promises without action are

Who can I speak to within Patreon that can provide more information
and act on it?

Thank you


On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 4:08 PM, Tal Raviv <tal@… wrote:
Nicolas, thanks for the ping. It’s on our list and in our consciousness, and
I can’t externally provide dates.

Tal Raviv
Product Manager

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 10:24 AM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@… wrote:

Hello again Tal,

I’m reviving this conversation because it’s been nearly 6 months with
no movement on Patreon’s part on this.

What are you going to do to improve accessibility?
When are you going to do it?


On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 8:08 PM, Tal Raviv <tal@… wrote:
Yep, to be clear we’re not creating an accessibility API.

I appreciate the deep insights, and I agree we have major problems. That
an impressive list. I can think of additional bad situations that are
very embarrassing, from our own experiences internally.

We need to fix this. Period. I can’t share too much more about our
internal decisions, but I can tell you that this is something that
on the product team is aligned with and knows is important as Patreon
to become a significant membership engine. We also know that
is a scale we need to climb and do not want to treat as a checkbox and
be respected as an ongoing commitment.

Let’s stay in touch. When this comes near, we will need help.


Tal Raviv
Product Manager, Growth and Platform

On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 11:49 AM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@… wrote:

Hello again Tal,

If you’ll allow me to be candid – I think your approach of doing an
accessibility API is entirely the wrong approach. This is pretty much
to relying on 3rd party vendors to offer accessibility. It’s an
that doesn’t work. I know – I’ve been working in this field for over
decades and I’ve see it over and over.

I’m not saying APIs are bad, but they should not be your first solution
for accessibility.

There are several relatively simple fixes you can do on the site that
would increase accessibility. Some of the issues encountered throughout
site include:

  • Missing alt text
  • Missing form labels
  • Empty links
  • Empty buttons
  • Poor visual focus for sighted keyboard only users
  • Skipped headings making the document structure hard to understand.
  • Orphaned form labels
  • Redundant links (2 links side by side going to the same place)
  • Links coded as buttons

    And these were found in less than 5 minutes looking at the different
    sections of the site. I think it would be fair to say that these issues
    apply at all workflows on Patreon.

    I would strongly suggest that your team spend some time analysing the
    pages from an accessibility perspective. Try to use the site with only
    keyboard. Use VoiceOver (if you’re on OS X) or download NVDA if you’re
    Windows. Try to navigate the site that way. Look at each page using an
    automated accessibility checker (keep in mind these tend to capture
    about 40% of the issues, but they’ll give you a great overview of all
    pages you have). Tools like or WebAIM’s WAVE toolbar can help
    identify many issues quite quickly.

    And if you feel you don’t have the expertise on your team to make it
    happen, hire someone who does that. Obviously, I’d love to put myself
    forward to provide assessment and training to your teams – it’s what I
    There are many good, reputable outfits out there that could also help.


    On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 1:55 PM, Tal Raviv <tal@… wrote:

    Hi Nic – that’s really good information. Can you elaborate on their
    troubles? One initiative is that we are working hard on our API
    This will allow many other apps and readers and other content
    platforms to
    deliver and gate content to approach accessibility in a high-leverage
    I’d love to have a quick description/understanding of their issues
    related, payment related, etc)

    Tal Raviv
    Product Manager, Growth and Platform

    On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 10:14 AM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@…

    Thank you for the update.

    Are you able to share what these initatives are? Is there any way I

    I have several people who need accessibility that aren’t able to
    access my podcasts about accessibility on Patreon. This is beyond
    to me.

    Thank you


    On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 12:40 PM, Tal Raviv <tal@… wrote:

    Hi Nicolas, very much agreed this is important. I appreciate the
    up and keeping this top of mind.

    Right now we have prioritized a few initiatives that are
    mission-critical in order to be able to address accessibility. Not
    my ideal
    answer – will keep you posted.


    Tal Raviv
    Product Manager, Growth and Platform

    On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 11:46 AM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@…

    Hello Tal,

    It’s been nearly 3 months since we discussed accessibility at
    Are you able to give me an indication as to when the accessibility
    team will
    be in place and starting work on these important issues?

    Thank you.


    On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 2:44 PM, Tal Raviv <tal@… wrote:

    Hi Nicolas,

    Perfect and thank you for reaching out. We have done some scoping
    accessibility, enough to know how bad we are at it. We are
    spinning up a
    team that would officially own this aspect of our product,
    including other
    frontend infrastructure. Now that we’ve grown to much greater
    reach than
    ever before, creator and patron accessibility is super important
    to us
    moving forward.

    Although I have scoped this in the past, will not be leading this
    team, and I will share your information with those who will do
    that to reach
    out when they finish staffing and forming it.


    Tal Raviv
    Product Manager, Growth and Platform

    On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 9:48 AM, Nicolas Steenhout <nic@…

    Hello Tal,

    Adam gave me your name and email address and said you were the
    person to speak to about improving web accessibility for Patreon.

    As I was telling him, I’m interested in using the platform as a
    Creator, but my field of expertise is web accessibility and it
    would be
    great if Patreon were to be accessible to people with

    I’m not sure how much work or digging you guys have done in that
    area at this point. There are several things I could do with you
    to work on
    improving, including providing training to your design, dev and
    QA teams to
    running an audit, and even helping directly with remediation if
    you want.

    I had a very quick look and noticed several issues that would be
    easy fixes and quick wins. Some other areas would require a
    deeper analysis
    and a bit more work.

    Perhaps the best thing would be to get on a call at some point
    week and see where you’re at and how we can work together to
    improve things?
    My schedule is pretty open so please let me know what a good time
    for you
    would be.

    Thank you


  1. authors note: the post after my introduction is a direct quote from my patreon page. Any mistakes in regard to the emails are not mine. 

blog post: looking at some cloud hosting services

I’m one for cloud storage, everything for me is in the cloud, I mean everything. Recently someone contacted me regarding some articles they put together for cloud hosting services. I want to take the time to compare accessibility of said services and my experience with any of them that i have had. Not all of the services will be compared, just the ones I’ve used.

For those that are unaware, I am visually impaired. I have ben blind since birth and I use a screen reader which reads elements on the screen out loud to me. If a link or a button though is not labeled properly this can lead to a lot of misinformation on the part of the developers. This is of corse not intentional but it is important to educate and make sure the software and service is equally accessible for all users. If it is not that is not a good thing as the person is losing out on some potential clients. I always ask developers and reviewers to test their software with their eyes closed and with the screen turned off using nnvda or voiceover on the mac, also talkback on android and voiceover on ios .

Let’s take a look at some of the services I have used. I will link to this person’s article and finally to the whole site at the bottom of this post.

I heard of and have used pcloud for a few months now, but sadly the developers have ben unable at least on the mac side of things fix a bug where I could not copy the url to the file and or folder I wanted to share with my family and or friends. I contacted them about this and they knew what was going on. The back up and sync worked ok, however downloads from the client itself took for ever even though at the time i was on a 50 down and 8 mbps up connection. Grabbing stuff from the website was much much faster for some odd reason. Here is the pcloud post See what you think. I like the 10 gigs of free storage and the encryption but that’s about it.

Backblaze although fast and easy to use is not accessible in terms of restoring your files and or folders. I have tried to contact the website developers about this with no avail. When I last used it you had to click the graphics to restore the files, fine, if my screen reader could see it on windows and or mac. I have to give them this though. The support staff really did try and help and uploading was a breeze. In fact I could modify via the url my upload speed and simulate certain situations to get the best upload out of my connection. following is a link to the back blaze article.

##idrive: a service to consider
There is one service I use that I’m working with the staff to make more accessible. It includes sync with the same space you have, the ability to share files and folders and more. They are called idrive They even back up mobile devices. I have already restored some screenshots from my phone to my computer using idrive. It worked flawlessly.

As you can see there are a number of back up and sync services. If you want to know more visit this site as well. They have a lot to offer in terms of vpn and back up data security.

blog post: Why I’m a federationist

People often ask me why I belong to the national federation of the blind. I could give the generic minute message we have, but I believe our own words speak loudly as well. Here’s my answer to the question.

#why I belong to the NFB.

Why am I a federationist?? I’m a big believer in technology. I believe technology has and will continue to help the blind, however it costs a lot. A simple machine for embossing (that is brailing from a computer on to paper) cost about 5-50 grand, and that’s new. A braille display (a contraption that turns computer screen output into braille right a way for a user) cost between 500 to 5000 dollars. This must stop. I’m aware most of us are buying our stuff through services for the blind in what ever state/country you live, however that gives companies no excuse to charge an arm and leg for the technology. I know companies need to make a profit, I have 2 small businesses so I get it, however this is wrong on so many levels. As a federationist I feel that by making my and others’ voices heard we can stop this treatment of the blind and disabled.

blog post: a tribute to my guide dog gatsby

When I first received Gatsby in 2004 I had no idea she would touch my life and leave this indelible mark on my heart. She helped me gain confidence in my travels, she would amuse me with her antics and a lot more. Gatsby even helped my brother, Rakan, place in a Reflections contest in 2005. So many stories and memorable moments.
You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing this.
Today, February 1st, 2017, my lovely Gatsby journeyed over the rainbow. She wwill be greatly missed. She brought so much into my life as well as my family’s. Her sweet energy permeated throughout the entire household. Her Unconditional love, uncanny ability to comfort me when I would think all is lost. Of course tears as she chewed up my braille blocks I worked so hard on many years ago. She takes away a piece of my heart. An empty spot sits in her honor. She will be missed by not just myself but, by others whose lives she’s touched. Farewell my Sweet Gatsbyđź’ś

The Great Gatsby, born August 8, 2002. Passed February 1, 2017.

blog post: an alternative way to submit feedback to apple when you are in the public beta cycle

The following will cover an alternate way of submitting bugs to apple. This ensures a faster reply for us. I should know, I’ve been a beta tester for going on 5 years now, and I’ve done these exact steps.

for all of us public beta testers submitting feedback through the feedback is all good, however there is another way to do this and it’s a lot easier.

#first step: create a free apple dev account
. create an apple developer account. Make sure it is the free one as you don’t want to pay the $99 a year. this will ensure access to the bug report site. You can find out more at [apple’s developer website.](

#report the pesky bugs
When you need to report a bug go to [apple’s bug report site]( and sign in. After signing in with your apple ID and password you signed up with for your free apple developer account, click new in the tool bar. Now click iOs \(osx if you are testing os 10.12\) and fill out the info. This is an accessible way of submitting said reports, and you can upload screenshots and profiles and logs this way.
##submitting screenshots.
To upload a screenshot or movie of the bug if at all possible do the following. Note that recording a movie will not be gone over here as many systems are different.

1. After you record your movie save it to your desktop
2. Fill in the relevant fields in the bug report such as title, description and steps to reproduce. Also don’t forget to include build numbers.
3. In the heading labeled attachments.
4. Next click the upload file button and find your movie. Hit enter on it and the file will begin uploading when you click submit.

That’s it. I’ve ben a beta tester for 6 years and about 95 percent of my bugs get seen and acted on by the apple devs. You will get a response with in 2-3 days rather then wait and hope the feedback got to them.

#thanks and acknowledgments
I’d like to thank one of my fellow beta testers for reminding me of this method in bug reporting during the public betas. You don’t need to spend any money and you have an accessible platform for reporting. By the way the bug reporter in iOs from apple’s [bug reporter site]( is very very accessible via safari on iOs. I’ve had the chance to submit bugs when on the go and update them when I get home from work or school.

Any comments should go to the disqus frame. Anything missing? Let me know.

looking at the vicks warm mist humidifier

In this episode I take a look at the Vicks warm mist humidifier with auto shut off product. This works as advertised and I would like to thank @ratking1989 for telling me about this product about 1 year ago. It so far as I can tell is helping me breathe better. It also comes with a cup for 4 oz of medicinal oils but I could not locate the cup, nor do I have the product to show.

All comments and feedback can go in the comments frame at the bottom of every post.

blog post: a short review of 05 – Ascendance

The following is a review from my good reads account. I’ve been participating in the 100 books in 1 year challenge and it has not been easy, but I will make it. I first started at 60 but then found out I was almost there, so raised the challenge. Below you can see all of my reviews. I hope you all enjoy this series.

Here is part 1

Ascendance (1 of 2) (The DemonWars Saga #5)Ascendance (1 of 2) by R.A. Salvatore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The read was very good, but the ending made the book seem like it was going to go on. Over all thoughI love the time period this takes place in, almost 14th century period but on a different world, but a world so much like ours.

View all my reviews

And here is part 2.

Ascendance (2 of 2) (The DemonWars Saga #5)Ascendance (2 of 2) by R.A. Salvatore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The read was very good, but the ending made the book seem like it was going to go on. Over all thoughI love the time period this takes place in, almost 14th century period but on a different world, but a world so much like ours. I’m not very happy of how the book itself over all ended, but I am glad of how the author portrayed the characters and how they really seemed very real to me.

View all my reviews

Blog post: a book I just finished

I’m in the process of the 2015 good reads challenge. I’m tryig to choose books I take interest in. One of them is here for you to enjoy, the review is anyway. I hope the third book is goig to be good as well. I started it and so far D.E Johnson has not disappointed me. Following is the review. Thoughts? Leave them in the comments on this post.

Motor City ShakedownMotor City Shakedown by D.E. Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the history of the story. Very well done.

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blog post: my first impressions of jetpack

Hello to all. You might notice some changes to the podcast page. I’m using the jetpack plugin as i want to kind of streamline the plugins i use and prevent any unnecessary load n the server, plus i’veheard some good things about it.

changes in jet pack i’d love to see

one change in particular i’d love to see in jetpack is the ability to add the sharing social buttons with out ragging and dropping. As many of you know i am a voice over user and a screen reader user in general, so dragging and dropping is not a good thing, in most cases it is actually impossible to do this. I hope to get in touch with jetpack’s developers to try and implement this but in the mean time you will have to share the links and posts by hand. Sorry to all for now.


i spoke to the jetpack staff and they fixed the sharing problems with accessibility. I wrote up a tiny blog post about it, but i can update this one wiht the key strokes if needed. I would like to thank the jetoack team for working so hard to make this change.


so far im really loving the set up. It is quick simple and for now, free. Any comments are welcome. The staff are wonderful at jet pack and I really applaud them for giving 110 percent in fixing this issue.

blog post: a call to action against the regional transportation commission of Southern Nevada

Hello to all. This is in regard to a petition I created against our transportation commission here in the southern part of Nevada. They have for the past 4 years given me and others grief by limiting access to their system. Basically if you live outside the fixed rout system they will not pick you up. This is an injustice to the disabled as they have to rely on family members and friends who might not always be around to take them to a stop where pera transit can pick them up.

I encourage you all who are in this area to forward this to fellow nevadans and get the word out there. Send it to email lists you know of, etc.

Petition and link.

Here is the petition and link.

I’m writing on behalf of all the blind and disabled out there in southern Nevada. For 4 years I’ve been trying to convince the RTC (regional transportation commission of southern Nevada) to please ask pera transit that they pick us up outside the supplemental zone. They have done this but on a stand by system, that is, you might have a way their, but not back to your destination.

By law Pera transit has a 0.5 mile radius outside the area that the fixed rout takes so they can accommodate. My nearest bus stop is over 2 miles away. Which for me is an impossible rout because of the area I live in. I have talked to many supervisors and left comments for them, but they keep giving the excuse that they don’t have enough demand for the service outside where I live, and that the richer population complain that it would bring more crime to the area.

This to me is not a good enough excuse, as I know many older and disabled people who do live in my community who would value the use of the pera transit service in my neighborhood. I have to depend on others to get me to a place where pera transit can then pick me up. This is counter intuitive as it does not promote independence, rather it instead promotes dependence.

I’m asking on behalf of the national federation of the blind of southern Nevada to please increase pera transit to all of Las Vegas, not just where the fixed rout is capable of going. It is a disservice that the RTC made the decision to exclude the rural areas of Las Vegas and is to me an injustice.

Thanks for your time.

Sarah k Alawami

Las Vegas Nevada,
February 28, 2014

That’s why I created a petition to Regional Transportation commission of Southern Nevada, which says:

“On behalf of the blind and disabled, we petition the regional transportation commission of Southern Nevada to expand the coverage of the Pera transit service to cover all of the Las Vegas Valley. This will promote grater independence for the blind and disabled persons living in rural areas.”

Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:

Here it is imbedded in to the post directly.



I encourage all of you to please forward this to as many nevadans as you can. if this becomes popular enough move on will help us spread the word. Those of you in the news departments can also maybe contact your news directors and also get this out there. This is an injustice that needs to be stopped. Not just for me, but for the rest of us that live outside the fixed route system.

a look at the qrz website using safari

QRZ website using safari. It is recommended by them to use google chrome, how ever chrome crashes a lot. so safari I have to use. I log a contact and talk about how one might except a QSO if they are to receive a QSO from the QRZ website. Any question and I’ll try and answer them.


blog post: an interesting article on twitter jail

I just stumbled across an article about being in twitter jail and i thought I’d share it with you all. I’ve had this happen mainly because I tweeted I think it was 100 times in an hour. Normally, twitter jail lasts for 24 hours, bot fur this particular person whom I’ll link to the blog below this lasted for around 48. She even links to the 30 rules that twitter has, although I’m not sure how many people actually follow said rules as there are probably over a million twitter accounts and counting. So how do you stay out of twitter jail? Read the blog article linked in this post and feel free to comment. Have you ever been in twitter jail and what did you do to get out if it?

Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!: “”

advertise on tffp

Have a product you sell? Putting out a new track? If so you have come to the right place. The podcast will rotate your add for $5 a month (if you want it on individual posts as well as the home page, the price will go up to $7). Need it for a shorter time? <a href=”mailto:””>send an email and we’ll do our best to work out the terms. Here is what you need to do.

  • send an email using the link above with the text of your add (spelling counts). State how long you want the add to be on the site.
  • Make sure there is a link to your product, track, reverbnation page, etc.
  • If the add is approved an invoice via paypal will be generated, and as soon as payment is accepted the month will start from then.

We look forward to promoting your product, podcast, track, what ever it might be.

blog post: online checks? A good thing?f

I’m not one for ordering checks on line, but if i have to do it i will. Who now a days write a check. Smiles one site i would recommend is the following. Click the following hyper link to access it. 2. order checks online” explore the site, play with it and enjoy. I hope you find this short piece of info useful. I’m not one for words on this particular blog. Heha. Checks can come in handy but if you don’t happen to have one then ordering checks online before your next trip might save you a bit of trouble. Good luck, and happy banking.

blog post: twitter reducing spam, but wait, there’s a catch!

I do a lot of twittering if that’s even a word. if it is not, well it is now. A recent thing came to light regarding a certain app and twitter. Basically that app can have nothing to do with twitter in the way it sends out messages. That can be good for wearing out spam, how ever I use social oomph to broadcast direct messages to all of my followers which can be a potential spam flag. Not good if all I’m sending out is a happy holidays and have a safe and happy new year, or check out my album, r product or what not. Here is the legaleeze version of this agreement between gtwitter and this company.

Under the terms of the settlement, the owners and employees of TweetAdder agree not to take part in “creating, developing, manufacturing, adapting, modifying, making available, trafficking in, using, disclosing, selling, licensing, distributing (with or without monetary charge), updating, providing costumer support for, or offering for use, sale, license, or distribution (with or without monetary charge), any software or technology designed for use in connection with Twitter’s service.”

so will social oomph’s ability to direct message all followers or a select group also get the ax? I guess time will tell. Here is a link to the full blog post below.

One small step for Twitter, one pretty decent sized leap for spam haters | “”
I hope you enjoy.


How to broadcast, or podcast using osx with out too much hassle

This will be a sticky, that is, always at the top, post. This ensures that who ever wants to read this will not have to find the post barrier amongst all the other posts on the podcast blog.

to broadcast from the mac with out too much haste if you don’t want metadata showing, or to do a live remote where you don’t need meta data showing you will need

  • sound flower from
  • >vlc or the player of your choice. (I’ve used iTunes as well, but you need another external sound card just in case).
  • Line in (free) from this site
  • Garage band ($14.95) from the mac app store
  • Nice cast $59 from this site
  • and if you are going to do a podcast using this set up you will need the recording software of your choice. I use amadeus


  1. Install sound flower. I don’t recall if you need to restart your system or not but follow the prompts.
  2. Install line in I’m not going to go through the steps as the user should be familiar with installing apps to a mac.
  3. Install nice cast.
  4. Launch line in
    • A. Choose input as sound flower 2ch and output as your internal sound card or an external if you have another one.. I use an mimic usb sound card.
    • B. Check the pass through check box and you will be able to hear your sound. This is useful if for some reason like if you use iTunes you want to set the output in mac itself to sound flower 2ch. You will then need to switch voice over to another sound card (lion and higher). As a side note you can get to the sound prefs by hitting option plus f12 or if you have fn. keys toggled on fn. option f12.
  5. Download garage band from the app store.
    • A. Start garage band and choose voice for the template
    • B. go to its prefs and go to output.
    • C. Set the output to sound flower2ch and the input to the mic of your choice.
    • d. delete all tracks in the project and create a new basic track, or use the existing one
    • E. from the track you want to use go to the track info area and interact.
    • F. choose stereo 1/2 from the pop up button.
    • if you want the mic on choose on with out feedback. This control will must and unmute your mic. when you are done speaking choose off, or none. Refer to the prior step when you want to broadcast
    • G. Save the file you just created. I called mine mic for You will need to set your output and input every time in the prefs or check to see that they have been retained before every broadcast/podcast.
  6. launch your player of choice (not applicable to iTunes) and set its output to sound flower 2ch
  7. start nice cast
    • A. set its source as sound flower 2ch. I’m assuming you already created the preset for the server you are to broadcast to.
    • B. with all of this launched hit cmd b to start broadcasting and check to archive if you want from nice cast and test the server to see if you are connected or have someone tune in and listen to see if you are.
    • C. I usually start with the mic off, that is with the monitoring off. in garage band, play a track or 2 from my player and then turn the mic on by changing the setting in that pop up button to on with no feed back.

and that’s it. It seems like a lot to do, but if you are fast fingered you can put on a successful show.

Attached is the file I use. Enjoy.


blog post: more thoughts on samsung’s law suit

I still think that samsung’s law suit will fail at least in europe. and definitely in the usa. Here though is a sad but true perspective from another visually impaired person’s point of view. They are part of the free software movement, as in GNU and such. Here is a sample of the blog post, the quotes taken out of context just a bit. I will link to the blog b below so you can get the full effect of this person’s point of view.

For a blind person to say that we only “want, want, want” when all we want, want, want is an end to segregation is an active apology for the crap accessibility provided by Samsung. Saying we just “want, want, want” is tantamount to endorsing a future with continued technology segregation. …the statement that “all blind people do is want, want, want,” becomes even more offensive, … Now, that every OS and web sites have solid standards and guidelines for accessibility and universal design is taught in universities and at lots of professional seminars, there is no excuse for not providing 100% compliance with such standards and guidelines. Apple comes close to this in iOS and I haven’t found an iOS app written by Apple that isn’t accessible. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, PeopleSoft, Oracle and others who have made a verbal commitment to accessibility have not come close to actually providing Apple’s level of support. … >/p>


p> and here is a
link to the blog
so you can read the history and the discussion which took place. do we the disabled want as the author said to be serrated if this law suit passes? I think according to the post I posted yesterday the answer is a loud resounding no. will the law suit pass? I hope not. If it does will we raise our voices to speak out against it, I sure will.


blog post: samsung attempts to sue apple to get rid of voice over on all iOS devices

Yes you read the subject right. the patent troll also known as samsung is attempting to get rid of voice over on all iOS devices. here is the link to the story on the bbc. And here is an email posted by a list member. I got his permission to post this. and I agree 100 percent.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please forgive my email but a very valuable piece of information has been brought to my attention that affects blind IT users everywhere who use apple hardware. For those who know and those who don’t. Samsung Electronics has filed a patent removal case against Apple. inc over the accessibility component called “Voiceover” also it’s other assistive technology components developed over iOS. To set the record straight on this, Voiceover for both OS X and iOS is developed by apple and NOT samsung electronics. The assistive technologies pack built into iOS is developed by Apple and NOT samsung. With this attack from Samsung against apple, If a court rules in favour of Samsung, Apple will be forced to remove Voiceover and all assistive components related to the iOS interface. This will affect all blind and visually impaired / print impaired users as well as those with complex learning and communication disabilities. We as a disabled community must stand firm and support the necessary bodies connected to fighting against Samsung Electronics challenge against apple. If Samsung are allowed to continue, they would be found guilty through a class action suit of disability discrimination and human rights violations. So that anyone on the internet reads this message, If you’re a manufacturer or developer of hardware / software, understand that disabled people use your products and have an equal right to use your products as well as you. Imagine if you will, a situation where you woke up to see nothing but black for the rest of your life and have to rely on your other senses to work for you, you won’t be able to drive, read a newspaper, NOTHING AT ALL! without support and adaptive technologies and toools. These products exist for a reason, to promote equality. Please forgive this off topic email. We must do something proactive and legal to make ourselves heard. We are human, just like the rest. Just because we cannot see clearly or at all, does not mean we cannot exist in this world. When we are walked all over, do we not feel pain? When we are wounded, do we not cry out? We are equal to all others and just because our bodies are impaired in one way or another, Don’t shut us out. We are just like you!

So what are we going to do. Boycoting is not an option as there are too few of us to do it and it will not hurt them. I’d like your thoughts and comments regarding this matter. Do you think it’s a good idea for samsung to block voice over and all accesses functions of the iOS devices just so they can take over?


kindle accessibility: a podcast by Alleson of the gwenna cast.

Alleson talks about the kindle app and a letter campaign going on at the apple vis site to let amazon that we need the kindle app to be accessible, not just for readers but college students like myself. Amazon has a history of not making their products accessible unless they are sued, I hope we can send enough letters to do this. Just follow the prompts at the campaign for the month part on the apple vis home page. Thanks all, and good luck.


blog post: Changes coming in twitter’s api: a good or bad move on twitter’s part?


Recently, as of this morning, December 22, 2012, I found my twitter client yorufukurou acting a bit strangely. It would stay at 150 api calls even though my home and mentions buffer update every minute and my dms every 5. Enter the new api 101 of the twitter API coming in march. Ok. they’ve been around for 3 years and have only gotten up to version 1.1? Anyway the changes look very good on paper, how ever, I guess we will see what happens. Here is the link below.

Changes coming in Version 1.1 of the Twitter API | Twitter Developers: “”


As you can see there are a lot of changes in the blog some of which are a bit odd like 60 api calls? Nota lot when you consider that some of us update manually.

your turn.

What are your thoughts on this change to twitter. Will it look good? What are your thoughts as a developer if you are reading this post. If you are the consumer?

copyright rant by Allison from the gwenna cast

Allison rants about a bill that I believe is dead by now. However this is an issue to consider for the future.

The opinions expressed on this episode are not the opinions of tffp or anyone associated with tffp. We take no responsibility for what might result from said opinions of our guests.