part 5 partial banquet of the nevada state convention 10-31-2015

As well as enjoying some pretty good food, we hear from our summer internships, see our scholarship winners and hear from our state rep. This is a partial archive as the auithor had to catch a ride home.

I hope you enjoyed listening, as well as I enjoyed archiving and beeing there. Any feedback on anything cango in the comments frame.

part 4 of the nevada nfb state convention 10-31-2015

It’s the 2015 elections you get to hear as well as a panel on employment and why the 70 percent of the blind might work at getting work. We talk about advocacy and more. Join me for this final few hours of the afternoon session of the 2015 Nevada federation of the blind state convention. The final part of the archives will include a partial archive of the banquet as the archiver had to leave early to catch a ride home.

Any feedback is more then welcome.

part 3 of the nevada nfb state convention 10-31-2015

We discuss more about students involvement with the local nevada colleges here and how to obtain your class accommodations here in the state of nevada. We also here from the ben program and what that is. Any feedback on what you here is more then welcome. Let’s have a lively , but professional, discussion on what’s going on in regard to the blind. Any feedback is more then welcome in the disqus frame.

A note to the listener. You might here what sounds like a bump in audio. This is because the battery in the archiver’s recorder died and they had to replace quickly. We did it as quickly as possible, but when technology decides it wants to die it picks the most inopportune moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.