ebooks and eGuides I’ve published

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

The following page lists books I’ve published. They are guides and how tos. Some of them are not finished, yet the buyer can get them and receive free updates. I highly recommend doing this.

osx El Capitan QuickStart

The book on os 10.11 will include audio recordings of some of the texts. These will be optional for those that want to have an audio as well as a textual way to learn.

ice cast at a glance

The following is a guide to ice cast, a simple case, in the linux environment.

Lords and knights

At the time of this writing the book is still a work in progress, how ever each update I publish you will get free so you only need to pay once. cool eh?

about lean pub

Lean pub is a publishing platform that is enabling me to do this. I recommend this for any author who intends to publish. weather it be a simple book, or a complex code book. Watch this space for more updates.