looking at the new xbox layout released may 17, 2018

Thanks to Jessie from jessie’s audio blog for the help with this one. We show off some new things that the public gained access to in may 17 2018. We also show some stuff especially the discord stuff that the public will gain access to once the new build with that hits. Keep an eye on your xbox updates for more info.

By the way, we did have some tech issues at the beginning, but we still had a lot of fun, again a big thanks to Jessie for helping me out with this.

looking at shuttle: a simple but powerful music player for android

We take a look at shuttle, an audio app I found out about in a game I play called zombie’s run. There are some bugs but the app is very easy to use and i can’t wait to try it out later on on a run. Here is a link to the plus version of the app which I reviewed.


If you are listening on the anchor app feel free to call into the show.