blog post: looking at some cloud hosting services

I’m one for cloud storage, everything for me is in the cloud, I mean everything. Recently someone contacted me regarding some articles they put together for cloud hosting services. I want to take the time to compare accessibility of said services and my experience with any of them that i have had. Not all of the services will be compared, just the ones I’ve used.

For those that are unaware, I am visually impaired. I have ben blind since birth and I use a screen reader which reads elements on the screen out loud to me. If a link or a button though is not labeled properly this can lead to a lot of misinformation on the part of the developers. This is of corse not intentional but it is important to educate and make sure the software and service is equally accessible for all users. If it is not that is not a good thing as the person is losing out on some potential clients. I always ask developers and reviewers to test their software with their eyes closed and with the screen turned off using nnvda or voiceover on the mac, also talkback on android and voiceover on ios .

Let’s take a look at some of the services I have used. I will link to this person’s article and finally to the whole site at the bottom of this post.

I heard of and have used pcloud for a few months now, but sadly the developers have ben unable at least on the mac side of things fix a bug where I could not copy the url to the file and or folder I wanted to share with my family and or friends. I contacted them about this and they knew what was going on. The back up and sync worked ok, however downloads from the client itself took for ever even though at the time i was on a 50 down and 8 mbps up connection. Grabbing stuff from the website was much much faster for some odd reason. Here is the pcloud post See what you think. I like the 10 gigs of free storage and the encryption but that’s about it.

Backblaze although fast and easy to use is not accessible in terms of restoring your files and or folders. I have tried to contact the website developers about this with no avail. When I last used it you had to click the graphics to restore the files, fine, if my screen reader could see it on windows and or mac. I have to give them this though. The support staff really did try and help and uploading was a breeze. In fact I could modify via the url my upload speed and simulate certain situations to get the best upload out of my connection. following is a link to the back blaze article.

##idrive: a service to consider
There is one service I use that I’m working with the staff to make more accessible. It includes sync with the same space you have, the ability to share files and folders and more. They are called idrive They even back up mobile devices. I have already restored some screenshots from my phone to my computer using idrive. It worked flawlessly.

As you can see there are a number of back up and sync services. If you want to know more visit this site as well. They have a lot to offer in terms of vpn and back up data security.