blog post: google going down hill?

The following is a direct posting from my facebook regarding what google will do on the 16th of January,. These are just my view points and anything expressed is my opinion alone.

My thinking about google is this. Google has, and always will be going down hill since they invented the so call open source thing called android. Come on. You are not even a part of the free software movement. Anyway for google to turn off half of a feature like they are doing with youtube. Why not just disable web cam recording completely. Why not just enable video uploads and say you are no longer aloud to record from your web cam. I know, take out live hang outs completely. I would not be surprised if this were googles next move. If it is, good on you as it is becoming totally inaccessible at least on osx. And you have to start a live hang out from the computer in order to do one from your phone. We now have apps like periscope and meerkat and now facebook’s live streaming thing. I might as well, in fact I do use those, I no longer will use google’s hang outs and will probably take down the ones I did do to show the fact I am apposed to google’s policies. Will this mater in the long run,No! But it makes me feel better to express my opinion thus.

Now follows the article in which this rant comes from.

Stupid! Stupid move! YouTube axes direct video uploads from webcams

Thoughts? I know some of my readers are android fans and that’s fine, but this has to do with the company and their policies.