looking at twitter for osx

I go over the twitter app for osx. Note that the link looks a bit different. Due to some problems in the app store I could not get the link.

I’m not quite impressed with this app as you will see. Many of the keystrokes in the menu for some reason fail to work, at least with voiceover on. I made sure the keyboard commander was off. Still no go. I like how far it has come but it needs to be as good as, or better then night owl, another client for osx.

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blog post; a review of the braven r-1 water resistant bluetooth speaker

the following will cover the braven r–1 bluetooth speaker. A description will be covered , followed by pros and cons.


The braven r–1 bluetooth speaker is about 5 inches long and maybe 2–3 inches high. There are 4 buttons that operate the unit. Both sides are sloped On the left top slope is volume up and down. You can skip back and forth with these 2 buttons, just hold them down. [1] On the right hand side is power and play. Hold down power and turn it on. You will get a low bass tone that is the same pitch as the droid sound.

The play button also acts as the pair button. To pair a device, hold down play for about 3 seconds until you hear 4 slow beeps that echo, twice. Then follow the directions on your device to pair. If you need to enter a code enter 4 0’s.[2] The play button is also answer and end. If you need to answer a phone call, you hold down play. [3] To end the call hold down play. If no bluetooth signal is present the unit will shut off after 0.5 hours. To turn off the unit, hold down power for 3 seconds. You will hear two tones an octave apart. Warning, they can be loud so turn the unit down first just in case.

On the back of the unit is a cap. Unscrew this to access the other ports. You will find a regular usb 2.0 port that is for charging a device. And a micro port for charging the unit. You will also find a button that shows the battery indicator. There is also a reset button but I’m not sure yet where that is. On the left hand of this circle next to the usb port is the aux port. Use the provided mini patch cord to plug it in. If you need a longer one I’m sure best buy has them. Screw on the cap to make the unit water resistant again.


I love this unit. It is loud and can cover a midsize room. I’ve done it when I’m cooking and the sound is excellent. Not much base from a mono speaker, but enough to make it heard and sometimes felt. The speaker is lite weight and easy to carry.


The only con I have with it is it cannot do sd cards or even micro sd cards. Over all though this is an excellent unit.


If I have forgotten anything please let me know. Over all the speaker is a very good sounding speaker and I recommend it to anyone in need of something small.

  1. Note, this will not work everywhere. For example in vlc you cannot skip, nor in the quick look. I had the opportunity to test this in some places and it works fine. It is trial and error.


  2. the code comes from the manual which you can download from braven’s site. The pdf is accessible to voiceover users. It will take trial and error to learn the buttons.


  3. A note to voiceover users. For some reason when a call comes in the phone does not pipe the voiceover and the ring through the speaker. This has been an ongoing issue since about iOs 8 or so.


looking at the vicks warm mist humidifier

In this episode I take a look at the Vicks warm mist humidifier with auto shut off product. This works as advertised and I would like to thank @ratking1989 for telling me about this product about 1 year ago. It so far as I can tell is helping me breathe better. It also comes with a cup for 4 oz of medicinal oils but I could not locate the cup, nor do I have the product to show.

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blog post: google going down hill?

The following is a direct posting from my facebook regarding what google will do on the 16th of January,. These are just my view points and anything expressed is my opinion alone.

My thinking about google is this. Google has, and always will be going down hill since they invented the so call open source thing called android. Come on. You are not even a part of the free software movement. Anyway for google to turn off half of a feature like they are doing with youtube. Why not just disable web cam recording completely. Why not just enable video uploads and say you are no longer aloud to record from your web cam. I know, take out live hang outs completely. I would not be surprised if this were googles next move. If it is, good on you as it is becoming totally inaccessible at least on osx. And you have to start a live hang out from the computer in order to do one from your phone. We now have apps like periscope and meerkat and now facebook’s live streaming thing. I might as well, in fact I do use those, I no longer will use google’s hang outs and will probably take down the ones I did do to show the fact I am apposed to google’s policies. Will this mater in the long run,No! But it makes me feel better to express my opinion thus.

Now follows the article in which this rant comes from.

Stupid! Stupid move! YouTube axes direct video uploads from webcams

Thoughts? I know some of my readers are android fans and that’s fine, but this has to do with the company and their policies.

sports rundown Season 2 Episode 12 – Romophobic

On this episode of the Sports Rundown,
Moosetip makes an indecent proposal on the Breaking Moose News.

We discuss the fallout of the Thanksgiving games, Romo being done for the season,
the first loss off the Patriots and other injuries and upsets in the NFL.

we dive into the world of NBA and how the season looks so far.

find out who gets hit with the Technical fouls of the week and
find out what’s next for the Sports RD!