blog post: the frustration of a facebook add!

The story started a few days ago when I wanted to post a facebook add promoting the hosting we do now. I thought this would be a good idea. Following is a modified facebook post I put up.

Well, I’m a bit frustrated right now. I was trying to post an add on facebook, so I tried this under voiceover. I got to the point where I needed to upload an image. That was fine, except I could not choose my age range or upload the image I had. I could not even choose the age range under that section. Clicking the button did nothing. Same with choosing my facebook page.

Then it came time to review my order. I got no ware as I could not upload the image or video. I then tried under nvda and firefox. I could not edit the schedule. The add was going to run for about 100 years. Not what I wanted.

I then tried nvda and Internet explorer. Everything worked except for the image. I hit the unlabeled button then hit upload. I got presented with the browse dialogue over and over and over again. I still could not even under Internet explorer or firefox choose the page or the age range. The image failed as well, as I already stated.
Someone got it to work with jaws 16 but since I don’t used jaws 16 for me it does not work.

I firmly believe that if an app or website does not work on all platforms then it doesn’t work. the person then said that “That is your narrow view point.” I have to disagree here person, as I’m loosing potential marketing dollars when a platform does not work accessibly on all platforms and with all screen readers no matter what you use and I’m not paying a thousand dollars to use jaws just once. I’m not even going to relearn jaws. I’ll stick with free and open source as anyone can modify the software and do what they want and let other s see the code even if the software is sold. As long as the person can modify the code. Freedom you know?

So if I can get the add manager to work under facebook that would be good otherwise I’ll have to take my advertising money somewhere else! I truly do not want to do this however money talks and if this cannot change I will go somewhere where my money will be accepted and the adds will be placed accessibly.