The Sports Rundown Season 2 Episode 9 “Fresh off the Bye Week”

AZ and Moosetip are back! Fresh from their Bye Week
the tag team duo discuss the latest injuries and news in the NFL
as well as the tragic incident at AT&T Stadium and our current state in the culture of Sports.

Moosetip sounds off on Sting disclosing about the WWE and Crevalor and other legal PED’s.

What do we think about Lamar Odom and his ongoing saga?

what’s next for Mexico and USA after the Confederations Cup Playoff Match?

Who gets the Technical Foul this week?

Find out this, and whether or not Moosetip is still in hiding after
bashing his hometown on the latest Episode of the Sports Rundown

blog post: selecting text across page boundries

The following is a post I had on the applevis site, but i’m modifying it a bit. This shows how to select text across pages in the pages app in osx.


At the time of this writing, and for a year preceding, you cannot select text across pages in pages as it would highlight. This is with voiceover on. I emailed apple about this with no response. I get the feeling that more of us must submit feedback about this. I even put a youtube video about this with no results.
Yet, others can reproduce this. I don’t know why apple cannot or will not fix the issue

I decided to write a guide based on an email I received on how to select text across pages in pages or any other text editor. Following is how to do this. Any comments can go in the disqus frame.


Here is a quick written tutorial on how to select text across page boundaries in pages or any other text editor. This is a quote from an email I received. You will need to follow the directions. A blank line is left between what is to be pasted in to the file.

Note: I prefer to use text edit for my editing and saving of these documents. Remember to hit cmd shift t to change to text before following the below directions.


As mentioned in the above paragraph you will need to paste this in to a text edit document. Because I’m writing this in mark up separating this should be easy. Just copy the paragraph below the instructions.

Open a TextEdit document and paste in the following without the quotes:

“{ “^y” = “yankAndSelect:”; //control-y “^@” = “setMark:”; //control-@ “^w” = “deleteToMark:”; //control-w “^x” = { //control-x control-x “^x” = “selectToMark:”; }; “^ ” = “setMark:”; //control-space “~f” = “moveWordForward:”; //option-f “~b” = “moveWordBackward:”; //option-b }”

Save the document as:


You’ll need to change the extension to .dict manually. You can do this in the save dialogue. If text edit complains, click the use .dic button.

Next steps

After saving the document let’s say on your desktop you will need to go to your user library by going to the Go menu in Finder and using the VO keys to navigate down to Library. You will need to do this if you did not show the library in the show column dialogue (cmd j) in the finder. Alternatively you can just hit cmd shift g and type


in to the dialogue, pressing enter at the end.

Create a folder Called KeyBindings and put the .dict document into it.

From now on, you should be able to select text in any text editing application by pressing Ctrl-Space to mark the beginning of the selection, and Ctrl-x-x to mark the end of the selection. Everything in between will be selected, including page breaks.


Now that you have a temporary fix for pages, you can now select text across page boundaries like a non voice over would do. Until apple gets this fixed, feel free to use this work around. I hope this helps. I modified the email just a bit to explain some points. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section of this post..

blog post: the frustration of a facebook add!

The story started a few days ago when I wanted to post a facebook add promoting the hosting we do now. I thought this would be a good idea. Following is a modified facebook post I put up.

Well, I’m a bit frustrated right now. I was trying to post an add on facebook, so I tried this under voiceover. I got to the point where I needed to upload an image. That was fine, except I could not choose my age range or upload the image I had. I could not even choose the age range under that section. Clicking the button did nothing. Same with choosing my facebook page.

Then it came time to review my order. I got no ware as I could not upload the image or video. I then tried under nvda and firefox. I could not edit the schedule. The add was going to run for about 100 years. Not what I wanted.

I then tried nvda and Internet explorer. Everything worked except for the image. I hit the unlabeled button then hit upload. I got presented with the browse dialogue over and over and over again. I still could not even under Internet explorer or firefox choose the page or the age range. The image failed as well, as I already stated.
Someone got it to work with jaws 16 but since I don’t used jaws 16 for me it does not work.

I firmly believe that if an app or website does not work on all platforms then it doesn’t work. the person then said that “That is your narrow view point.” I have to disagree here person, as I’m loosing potential marketing dollars when a platform does not work accessibly on all platforms and with all screen readers no matter what you use and I’m not paying a thousand dollars to use jaws just once. I’m not even going to relearn jaws. I’ll stick with free and open source as anyone can modify the software and do what they want and let other s see the code even if the software is sold. As long as the person can modify the code. Freedom you know?

So if I can get the add manager to work under facebook that would be good otherwise I’ll have to take my advertising money somewhere else! I truly do not want to do this however money talks and if this cannot change I will go somewhere where my money will be accepted and the adds will be placed accessibly.

Sports rundown Episode 8: Busts, Blowouts and Burns

Week 4 looms closer and the 3-0 Moosetip has personal conflict.
This week, we discuss which teams and players are Bust as we head into week 4 and who we think can clean up their act and save their season .
A. Z. fills us in on MORE FIFA scandals and what is going on with the outgoing head if FIFA.
We dish out a Staggering amount of Technical Fouls, tune in and listen to hear what has Moosetip and AZ so fired up!