Looking at the roland in ear binaural mics

I take a look at the roland in ear binaural mics. I start bydoin gsome testing of how they sound in all envorinments, at least the ones availible to me at the time of podcasting and make a few comments regarding said mics.


Over all I enjo the mics very much. They will take some getting used to, but I’m sure that with time I will get used to their levels, functions, etc. any feedbac on this and other podcasts is more then welcome in the forum below each and every post.

looking at the olympus ls14 part 01

I realize Neal Eurs did a podcast on the ls14 and it was a good one, but I decided to do my own. This is part 1 of hopefully 2 that will be out. Part 1 is a live unboxing of the olympus ls14. I had some issues that had to be fixed, and a computer wreaking havoc, however, the live unboxing was quite fun.

Comments are more then welcome in the forum below this, and all post.

some things to consider

  • What do you use your ls14 for,
  • what kind of case can I use to put on a belt or a belt loop so I can still use it hands free with an external mic pluged in?