Looking at clean my mac 3

in this episode I take a look at clean my mac3 a program to quickly and easily clean junk out of a mac’s system. True there is only onyx and other pieces of software, how ever sometimes it’s good to have multiple tools under your belt. I upgraded and cleaned about 14 gigs out of my system before the day was done. [^1]

The software is very very accessible and I’m very very glad the developer decided to create this software. it’s more streamline and very easy to use. The software also guides you along the way in terms of what is safe to clean and what is not. I’m an intermediate computer user, how ever I make mistakes all the time.

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[^1]: Remember to always back up your mac via time machine or back blaze, or what ever you use. It’s a safety net in case you make a mistake or somethingn is not working quite right