looking at the new streamline interface for meerkat – a tffp stream exclusive

I continue my meerkat review by goign over the new update. The developers took time to implement accessibility changes. they admit they have a while to go yet, but so far it’s turnign out to be a good good video streaming app.

comments? Questions? Leave them in the forum below this post.

01 setting up my iphone 6

I start by setting up my shiny new iPhone 6 64 gig. I have some issues with getting it set up so people on the stream guide me through what to do next. It’s important to note that ipsw’s are carrier specific and band specific as well. You will see what is referred to in the demo.[1]

As shown the process of setting up was fairly simple. In my case how ever I encrypted my back up, so entering in a password was a must.

I hope you enjoy the demo. Part 2 will be going to the store and getting my phone activated.

  1. I was having issues with updating as I could not find the ipsw. I found one, but it was for my sprint iPhone 5. That would have stopped me dead in my tracks and I would have had to download it anyway. So time really was not waisted.


audio defense: using the micro smg and the machine gun, plus showing the empty sound of the machine gun

I have a bit of fun with audio defense in showing 2 weapons someone wanted to know the empty out of amo sound for. Not much more to say, so enjoy. Feedback is welcome, any pointers are also useful. Share them in the disqus flrum below this post.

Looking at prompt2: an ssh client for ios

I take a look at prompt2 which can be gotten for $16 via the panic bundle which includes transmit. The 2 separately cost $24 us. More info can be found at the [iTunes app store.(h t t p s : / / i t u n e s . a p p l e . c o m / u s / a p p – b u n d l e / p a n i c – p a c k – p r o m p t + t r a n s m i t / i d 9 2 6 9 5 9 5 5 8 ? m t = 8)

I go over adding a server, then doing some commands, then I do the same commands on the mac using ssh via the terminal to compare speed.

Prompt appears to be a very useful iOs app for ssh, and I’m constantly learning about ssh to know how to do stuff for remote management. Enjoy the show.

Office 2016 preview: a first look

I take a look at Microsoft office 2016 preview. The accessibility I’m sad to say is not all that good. The issue is this. The text area you typing to in the case of word is not readable with voice over. I show an example, or try to. I’d like your comments in this as I’m frustrated that this s our third try in regard to communications with Microsoft and they have yet to understand, or maybe don’t want to understand the problems we face with their apps.

What did you do after you tested this? I want to wake up with a lot of emails from the comments area stating your feedback on the accessibility or in this case lack thereof in office 2016.

Looking at the google calendar app for ios

I take a look at the google calendar app for iOs app that was just released today. It looks accessible, how ever there are a number of changes that need to be made.

  • The keys need to be echoed back when using the editors
  • The view does not need to constantly refresh
  • There is no way that i see to change the view so I can view the days in month format in the “shape” of a calendar
  • When viewing the settings, the headings sometimes don’t announce themselves

Over all though the app is fairly easy to use and set up. If these changes would be implemented we would have a good calendar on our hands.