looking at bit torrent synch for ios and osx

I take a look at bit torrent synch for both osx and iOS. there is a windows version but since I sort of don’t have a windows set up (it is virtual) there is no point in testing and reviewing it since all concepts are the same.

I start by going over the mac app in terms of settings, synching, adding a folder and viewing the history and transfers.

I then go over the iOS app in the same way, except I add a folder by scanning the QR code using iOS. Since I am not an android user you guys are on your own in terms of scanning your computer screens. I would like to hear the feedback you guys have in terms of accessibility though.

You can find the mac version here, and the iOS version here.

If you want the key for the folder I used as an example (It is read only) copy the following in to bit torrent synch


feedback is welcome.

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blog post: net-nutrality-for-the-disabled: an injustice waiting to happen?

I don’t normally blog about political situations as I don’t’ want to make any enemies, but the enemy of my enemy is normally my friend so here goes.

I’m not yet sure if I”m for or against net neutrality. How ever I know this. DO NOT USE THE BLIND AND DISABLED AS AN EXCUSE TO MAKE NET NEUTRALITY HAPPEN. That to me is a silent form of discriminations against us if this bill goes through. We to me cannot get higher priorities then people with out disabilities be they physical or mental. We need to stand up against this injustice in regard to the fight against or for net neutrality. Read the below article for more info and comment on this if you so choose with your feedback. Also feel free to share this with your twitter and facebook fans. I want a fire storm here. Tell the FCC not to take this in to consideration. blog post link follows.

Verizon Says It Wants to Kill Net Neutrality to Help Blind, Deaf, and Disabled People: from Mother Jones: “”

Feed back is welcome on this short piece.