Looking at instacart

I take a look at instacart an app for iOS that allows delivery of your groceries from selected stores. These guys are expanding, so it might be in your area soon.

The app does need some accessibility work. I show this in the podcast. This podcast is designed mainly for the developers of instacart as I’m treating this as an audio version of a usability memo. Here are the key points I go over along with screen shots. This is after a bit on accessibility in ios.

  • I start out first by going over the main screen and its problems, or actually only 1 problem. There is an unlabeled button at the top left of the screen.
    picture of the main window
  • I then next search for a product and attempt to browse for it. As shown in the audio part of this the price never shows up.
    picture of the brows  window
  • I then show some search results. again this part is not usable.
    picture of some search results
  • I then end by stumbling on the main window. This is the only part I think that is usable for us.
    image of the main main screen

As seen, this app needs some improvement in terms of accessibility. A search on the applevis site will reveal some discussion on the app in question.

Any feedback on this blog post is helpful. I think I might have gotten the screenshots misaligned from the recording, but at least they will help a bit.

Feel free to share this post and leave your feedback regarding this software.