blog post: selling on amazon, an accessibility user’s guide

This post will summarize my experience with selling something on amazon from an accessibility view. I love amazon as normally i can get very good deals from them and the sellers right down to amazon are good to work with. For this guide i used os10.9.2 And the safari browser with all applied updates.


I needed a new keyboard as I was sick of batteries for a keyboard I used every 3 months. Batteries can get expensive even when you buy them from a store like Costco or sam’s club. (Other stores like this might exist in other countries.) So I decided to try selling on amazon, mainly because:

  • The items are already listed in amazon and you don’t have to upload pictures
  • The amazon catalog is constantly growing.
  • When you have a problem you can report the buyer to amazon, and they know to follow the rules and guidelines when contacting a seller.
  • Their comissions, althouth a lot, are not as much as some companies.
  • It does not cost anything to list an item that amazon has in its catalog for yu to sell.
    So as you can see, there are a number of valid reasons, and probably some I missed.


I will now outline to the best of my ability my experience Ihad wiht selling my first item on amazon from an accessibility point of view. If anyone has any comments please leave them as I qant to knwo your experience if you have done any selling.

step 1, finding your item

When you want to sell anitem, you need to find it. YOu also have the opertunity of selling your prior purchases if you want to do that. That can be found in your account summary.
When you search for an item that you want to sell be as specific as possible. For example apple bluetooth keyboard. After you have foundn and verified it is yoru item, click have one to sell. Note, words might be slightly different but that is a summery of what they say. Now log in using yoru seller credintals. if you don’thave any, you now have the opertunity to create yoru seller account. doing this is 100 percent accessible.