blog post: mavericks tips

As you can see in the
Mavericks podcast
I released, (look for the heading before the vault) there are several changes to os10.9. Most of them good. I’ve compiled some tips from other blogs which I will attempt to link to.

unhiding the library folder for ever

If you are a beginner stay away from this tip until you are comfortable with the file structure of os10. Me and some other more advanced users need the library folder to access crash logs and other pieces of information, and files. In the past you had to type in a command. Well with this
blog tip from life hacker,
you can unhide the library with a simple check box. Just press cmd j from the home directory in the finder to show viewing options and choose the library folder. Done. no more terminal commands, unless you want to keep doing that after every update.

making a boot disk.

This site has plenty of tips on how to make a boot disk, 2 really. Here is the link to the web site
This site has many good tips. Subscribe to their rss feed.

As you can see making the boot disk is relatively easy. If you are comfortable with more tech stuff they have another way which can be found in the article. Over all the process is very straight forward and if you know your vo commands like copy last phrase to clipboard you will do just fine.

Gmail and Mavericks don’t play nice together, almost.

As you may have noticed gmail and mavericks do not play nice together. In fact they are like 2 boxers getting ready to fight it out. I came across this article on gmail and mavericks that talks about a work around, and its consequences, for gmail and apple mail. The author wanted to switch providers, already has by now probably, but I don’t encourage that especially if you have been a gmail user for 7 years like me.


Mavrics is a nice upgrade and a breath of fresh air when it comes down to it, how ever it is not perfect. it does have its flaws and there are work arounds, how ever apple will I hope in the next few updates fix these issues. Only time will tell.

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