blog post: the sound of the new english voices in mavericks

Hello to all. I compiled the sounds of the new english voices. I could not do the other languages as english is the only language I speak. If anyone else wants to compile the new voices in their language using the say command and send it to me I’d be happy to add it to this page. Just be sure the file is less then 1 mb and mp3.

The voices are quoting part of a tale of 2 cities by Charles Dickens. It is one of the best said lines and I use it as my dictation tests as well in my mountain lion and mavericks podcasts. Enjoy.



Kate (not neo speech though)

Oliver (How ironic)



Enjoy the new voices. I sure do. My favorite is Allison. What’s yours?


blog post: mavericks tips

As you can see in the
Mavericks podcast
I released, (look for the heading before the vault) there are several changes to os10.9. Most of them good. I’ve compiled some tips from other blogs which I will attempt to link to.

unhiding the library folder for ever

If you are a beginner stay away from this tip until you are comfortable with the file structure of os10. Me and some other more advanced users need the library folder to access crash logs and other pieces of information, and files. In the past you had to type in a command. Well with this
blog tip from life hacker,
you can unhide the library with a simple check box. Just press cmd j from the home directory in the finder to show viewing options and choose the library folder. Done. no more terminal commands, unless you want to keep doing that after every update.

making a boot disk.

This site has plenty of tips on how to make a boot disk, 2 really. Here is the link to the web site
This site has many good tips. Subscribe to their rss feed.

As you can see making the boot disk is relatively easy. If you are comfortable with more tech stuff they have another way which can be found in the article. Over all the process is very straight forward and if you know your vo commands like copy last phrase to clipboard you will do just fine.

Gmail and Mavericks don’t play nice together, almost.

As you may have noticed gmail and mavericks do not play nice together. In fact they are like 2 boxers getting ready to fight it out. I came across this article on gmail and mavericks that talks about a work around, and its consequences, for gmail and apple mail. The author wanted to switch providers, already has by now probably, but I don’t encourage that especially if you have been a gmail user for 7 years like me.


Mavrics is a nice upgrade and a breath of fresh air when it comes down to it, how ever it is not perfect. it does have its flaws and there are work arounds, how ever apple will I hope in the next few updates fix these issues. Only time will tell.

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Looking at linked in for iOS v 7.0

In this episode I take a look at the
linked in app for iOS
. As you can see there are some accessibility issues such as the inability to edit the year you attended college at a certain institution. This has to be changed. Also there are some unlabeled buttons in the main screen and in the connection screen where you can add people you know. I hope these can be looked at as these bugs have been around for 6 months or more.

Things to be aware of before upgrading to mavrics

These are things that I noticed so far. I’m running an older mac book pro, mid 2009 that’s 3 years old and have 4 gigs of ram. So you might or might not notice these things below. If you want to hear these things yourself, check out the paid mavericks podcast found
It is not up yet how ever. It will, when it’s up, be the final heading on the page before the tffp vault. It might not be up right away though depending on upload capabilities of the podcaster.

  1. The new voices seem to be slow and almost non responsive. Even the compact voices.
  2. the mail folders are in reverse ABC order. I at this time cannot find a way to change this. This is after the inbox and in the accounts section, for example, jane doe’s account might more or less look like this: discussions, games, mac, tech stuff. Her folders will be from the top: tech stuff, mac, games, and discussion. I have not found a way to fix this.

    mailboxes under account are shown in reverse abc order

  3. IN the inbox, the messages you want to remove, when you hit delete never actually get deleted. You come back and they are still there. Here is a screenshot of my inbox before I deleted some messages.
    inbox before deleting a set of messages

    And here is what it looks like after I deleted some messages.
    inbox after deleting a set of messages. Notice they are gone.

    After a while they come back. Since I already showed the first one the third screen shot will look pretty much like the first.

  4. The interactive notifications do not as of this recording work with voice over, unless I’m missing a step. When you click them with vo shift space you are taken to the application. Control clicking, vo shift m, and vo space also does not work to reply to the facebook post, the email message, etc.
  5. As you can see in the following screen shot the mail threading issue which appeared to be fixed is not. This only appears on freelist and yahoo groups as far as I noticed and contacting both parties has not resulted in a fix. This to me is a critical bug as I like to organize my stuff by conversation, and it is set as such in the view menu; and show related messages is turned off. this is an intermittent issue but I thought it should be brought to your attention.
    Notice the names are threaded, not the subject.
  6. In safari, the images alt tags read along with the text above. See this very blog post for an example, as you probably would have noticed this annoying issue.

I really hope apple considers fixing this. the more that might be able to comment on this blog post I would appreciate it as maybe there are work arounds I don’t know of yet. I’m always willing to learn and I thank you all ho have left me feed back in the past.

Any questions or comments are welcome. Thanks.