blog post: more thoughts on samsung’s law suit

I still think that samsung’s law suit will fail at least in europe. and definitely in the usa. Here though is a sad but true perspective from another visually impaired person’s point of view. They are part of the free software movement, as in GNU and such. Here is a sample of the blog post, the quotes taken out of context just a bit. I will link to the blog b below so you can get the full effect of this person’s point of view.

For a blind person to say that we only “want, want, want” when all we want, want, want is an end to segregation is an active apology for the crap accessibility provided by Samsung. Saying we just “want, want, want” is tantamount to endorsing a future with continued technology segregation. …the statement that “all blind people do is want, want, want,” becomes even more offensive, … Now, that every OS and web sites have solid standards and guidelines for accessibility and universal design is taught in universities and at lots of professional seminars, there is no excuse for not providing 100% compliance with such standards and guidelines. Apple comes close to this in iOS and I haven’t found an iOS app written by Apple that isn’t accessible. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, PeopleSoft, Oracle and others who have made a verbal commitment to accessibility have not come close to actually providing Apple’s level of support. … >/p>


p> and here is a
link to the blog
so you can read the history and the discussion which took place. do we the disabled want as the author said to be serrated if this law suit passes? I think according to the post I posted yesterday the answer is a loud resounding no. will the law suit pass? I hope not. If it does will we raise our voices to speak out against it, I sure will.