What will become of msn’s third party support in 2014?

I guess we’ll see what happens concerning msn and Adium. Frankly, I’m not happy that Adium might have to drop msn support because Microsoft will no longer support connecting to third party apps in 2014. I’m hoping Microsoft will reconsider their decision as I used to connect to Miranda. See the podcast I did on miranda. There are other clients such as trillion and not all of us will want to use skype. With that out of the way here is the blog post.

Adium – Blog » Microsoft will be dropping MSN for Skype: “”

So as you can see Adium basically has their hands tied. I want your thoughts on this in regards to what’s going to happen or what you think might happen in the coming year and explore all aspects of all os’s that use third party clients to access msn services.